Your body’s rhythms show you exactly when to rest and when to take action so you don’t have to overthink life and work.

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Check out our podcast, Health Harmony & Happiness with Cathy! Hear from Cathy & others about various ways to cultivate these qualities in your life. New episodes released weekly!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We are passionate about bringing you services & opportunities that help you realize your full potential as a whole and complete body-mind.

When placed carefully and intentionally, each stone in a cairn contributes to the balance of the entire structure.  Your wellness is much the same; many components work together to allow you to become more fully balanced.

Cairns are used as guides to mark the way on a path. Allow us to be a guide in encouraging health, harmony & happiness on your wellness journey toward more conscious living.

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Integrative Yoga Coaching

I help action-taking women on a self-discovery journey use their body’s rhythms and/or the moon’s cycle to finally live in flow with their time, energy and focus even when unexpected things come up

Cathy is a wonderful teacher—intuitive, kind, challenging, and funny. Absolutely love my experience in her studio!

Cynthia Krenzel

I love Cathy’s sessions. She’s helped me become better at my practice and my practice has helped me in my daily life! I would recommend her to anyone who has been thinking about getting into their yoga practice more fully!

Tracy Croghan Russell

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