Upcoming Adamantine® Yoga Immersion Workshops

Mondays & Wednesdays

September 10 – 19

Yoga in the Garden

Join an area instructor every Saturday this summer for Yoga in the Garden at the Bessie Spaur Butterfly Garden located on the Knoxville Hospital and Clinic Campus, 1002 S. Lincoln. These are FREE mixed-level community classes, open to all abilities. Bring a mat and water. Visit our Facebook page, @cairnyogawellness, for instructor bios!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We are your home for holistic wellness services in and around Knoxville, Iowa. We are passionate about bringing you services & opportunities that help you realize your full potential as a whole and complete body-mind.

When placed carefully and intentionally, each stone in a cairn contributes to the balance of the entire structure.  Your wellness is much the same; many components work together to allow you to become more fully balanced.

Cairns are used as guides to mark the way on a path. Allow us to be a guide in encouraging health, harmony & happiness on your wellness journey toward more conscious living.

Our Services



Cathy Struecker is the owner of Cairn & our yoga & fitness expert specializing in Adamantine® Yoga. Guided Self-Practice yoga classes are held daily; private sessions to introduce you to Adamantine® Yoga are by appointment. 515.708.1337

Massage Therapy

Heather Scott is the owner of English Valley Wellness & Aromatherapy & our resident Licensed Massage Therapist. She is a Registered Nurse & Certified Aromatherapist & utilizes these backgrounds to enhance your massage experience. 641.891.6271

Reiki & Light Guided Healing

Michele Williams is the owner of Light Guided Healing and is our in-house Reiki Master. She practices a spiritual based approach to healing while offering Reiki and energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy. 641.218.1735

Meal Prep & Nutrition Counseling

Jessica Wilt is the owner of Naturally Nourishing and is our go-to meal planning/prep & nutrition advisor. She works with you to discover the most efficient way to grocery shop, plan & prep meals for your unique needs. She is studying to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 641.218.4469

Why A Personalized Yoga Practice Makes You Thrive.

The beauty and accessibility of the Adamantine® Yoga practice for me came because I could do it during my son’s nap time and didn’t need much room or a ton of equipment—my body and my mat. My practice is the only time in the day dedicated to ME. Yoga has...

Healthy Hometown℠ Begins with Changing Your Built Environment

Have you ever heard of the “built environment?”  Our built environment is what we create in the world around us.  How we move about our environment is a direct response to the structures we have created.  So if we create a world that is tailored to cars,...

Cairn: Creating Health Harmony Happiness

One year ago on March 22, I journaled some frustrations I was having and questions I was looking for answers to in the way of the direction of my life in regards to work and my business.  I asked God for help figuring out my path as I was feeling a bit lost.  I had...

Guided Self-Practice

Guided Self-Practice yoga classes provide the opportunity to practice your personal Adamantine® Yoga sequence under the personal supervision of a teacher.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private Sessions provide you the opportunity to personally address your unique goals, including other training modalities that may supplement your yoga practice.

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