#80: Living a Vision-Driven Life: Empowering ADHD Moms with Vibe Care

Jun 29, 2023 | Podcast, Self-Care

As mom, we have so much going on in our brains and often it can feel like it’s very hard to focus on all of them, even more so if you have ADHD. 

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Tracy Nolin Beerman and I talk ADHD and some essential strategies for staying focused and emotionally regulated. Tracy revelas the importance of finding activities that are interesting, important, and urgent to maintain concentration. Without these elements, moms with ADHD may struggle to stay on task, leading to frustration and overwhelm. The key to overcoming these challenges lies in transitioning to an expansive state and returning to a place of focus and success.



In this episode, learn:

  1. What a “vibe care” toolkit is and why you need one even if you don’t have ADHD
  2. How to navigate life & feel successful in whatever you do while living with ADHD
  3. Why a living a Vision Driven life is ideal if you’re a mom living with ADHD

What is Vibe Care

Tracy introduces the concept of Vibe Care, a method she developed based on her own experiences. Vibe Care is beneficial for both moms with ADHD and moms without and involves regularly checking in with yourself throughout the day, rather than waiting for moments of panic or triggers. By recognizing contractive energy, characterized by low vibrations such as anger, sadness, frustration, or overwhelm, you can take proactive steps to shift into a state of expansiveness. This practice allows you to cultivate a sense of well-being and prepare for moments of contrast.

What a Vibe Care Toolkit is

A Vibe Care Toolkit is a collection of tools and tricks that evoke positive emotions and promote a sense of well-being. These tools can vary from physical activities like sun salutations and hula hooping to simple pleasures such as spending time with family or friends or engaging in your favorite hobby. The key is to identify activities that resonate with what really works for you and bring about an expansive state. It might be those things that you’d consider your “daily joys.” By predefining the toolkit, individuals can easily access these resources when needed.

Sample Vibe Care Toolkit:

Sun Salutations
Visiting chickens
Hula hooping
Vision Statement or Board

Navigating ADHD so You Feel Successful

Tracy highlights the distinction between practices and tools within the vibe care toolkit. While practices, such as meditation, are valuable for regular maintenance of emotional well-being, tools offer quick, acute solutions for shifting one’s state in the moment.

Having a physical and digital copy of the toolkit, as well as sharing it with a trusted personal advocate, enhances its accessibility and ensures support during challenging times.

Why Living A Vision-Driven Life is Ideal for Moms with ADHD

Creating a clear vision that focuses on moving towards your desired outcomes rather than avoiding negative ones that will keep you stuck is a key in living with ADHD. A vision provides a sense of purpose and direction, making tasks and goals more interesting and engaging. If you have ADHD, your ability to focus is enhanced when the activity aligns with your personal vision. Living a vision-driven life serves as a powerful tool for the ADHD mind, allowing you to experience increased motivation and satisfaction.

“Start with how you want to feel and do small things to help you get there.”

– Tracy Nolin Beerman


By understanding the role of Vibe Care and cultivating a personal vibe care toolkit, you can proactively manage your energy levels and emotional states, with or without ADHD.

Incorporating a vision-driven approach adds an additional layer of purpose and focus, making tasks more compelling and increasing overall productivity. If you’re living with ADHD, prioritizing these strategies will help you navigate life with greater ease and fulfillment.

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