A chrysalis is the oh-so-important stage of a caterpillar’s life, when God is doing all the work on one of the tiniest creatures in nature to create something completely different and beautiful.  The caterpillar has no choice but to surrender the current path of its life to something far greater than he can ever imagine.  To put full trust in the universe and Divine right order that things are working for its good.

So much must go on during this stage to transform this being of life into something new.  The energy it requires is so great that a protective outer shell must be formed to keep the small insect safe while this change is taking place.  And while in this chrysalis or cocoon, the old body of the caterpillar is actually breaking down, shedding unwanted and unneeded parts so that it can, in a way recycle itself into something new.

In our world a change like this could translate into stress, worry, and fear of the unknown rather than an opportunity to embrace transformation, trust the process and surrender to a higher power.  God and the universe know exactly what we need and when we need it. The past year has brought quite a few changes to my business, and often it has felt as though I get one step ahead and am faced with a roadblock or dead end…the maze of life, I guess.  But the past few months especially have been truly transformational for me.  I’ve been working to release old belief patterns that no longer serve me (more to come on that later) and renew my spirit through a more conscious approach to my practice as well as incorporating affirmations into my daily self-talk.  And while I have been putting a conscious effort into doing this work on my whole self, my husband and I have purchased a building and are preparing to move our yoga studio to its final home at 101 E. Robinson.  Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio will be opening its doors in February.  We are genuinely excited and blessed beyond words to have been given this opportunity to serve our community with various wellness services.

We are currently working to create a yoga practice space as well as massage room with massage to be offered by practicing Licensed Massage Therapist Heather Scott, English Valley Wellness & Aromatherapy LLC.  We also have additional space that we are trusting God to help us fill so that we can offer even more comprehensive wellness services to our area.

Do caterpillars know why they are doing what they are doing when they intuitively create this layer of protection and begin the deep work of generating something new?  Or do they just know that this is the next part of their life and think that their world is over?  Do they recognize that they’re changing during the process?  Perhaps.  But perhaps they simply wake up one day and emerge as a butterfly.  Renewed.  Free.  Courageous.  Ready for a new adventure…

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