From the time I was a young child I have been active and on the go.  This trait helped me decide to make a career out of physical activity, and while doing so, I discovered yoga. I was instantly drawn to yoga because of the way it made me feel…alive and at peace with the world around me. I guess you could say that on some level my body knew that it needed that inner calm because of the way I naturally process life; therefore, kept seeking out the practice. There has not been a time in my life when I haven’t been physically active; even when rehabilitating from injury, I have figured out how to incorporate some form of movement into my life simply because of how it makes me feel. Soon after finding yoga, I realized that for some reason, this form of movement made me feel better than any other, but I didn’t know why. And I didn’t let that inform me to give up all other forms of physical activity. My practice was inconsistent because I didn’t know the benefits that a daily yoga practice has on the body and mind. But because yoga made me feel like my best self whenever I practiced it, I had the life dream to own a yoga studio. The primary part of my dream was to be married and have a family. And when I needed it the most in my life, God put the ideal practice for my body in front of me.

Inviting yoga to be a daily practice for me changed my life and prompted me to make my dreams a reality. I am a wife, a mama, a yoga and fitness professional and a business owner. I love to share my passion for wellness with others and will help you succeed in your goals and discover, through movement, your true potential. I am here to help you attain whatever you decide is best for you—whether it be weight loss, improved fitness level, greater connection between mind and body, or to find a balance in your life that ultimately helps you realize the interconnectedness of all things and keeps you centered to deal with the multiple demands that are placed on you each day by family, work, friends, social organizations, etc. I have a degree in Health & Human Performance, personal training certification through AFAA, a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification through Yoga Alliance, and multiple years’ experience developing and leading YMCA health & fitness programs, personal training, wellness coaching and teaching group fitness classes. For me, yoga is the movement I need each day in my life, but I know that is not the case for everyone. So I am ready to meet you wherever you are in your journey.

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