Do Your BestIt occurred to me the other day that I may not be taking the time I need before I begin to practice to consciously set my intent for my practice, then revisit that intent at the end of my practice before I move on with my day.  I mean, I’ve been taking the time to gather my thoughts and try to become fully present and aware of how my body is feeling before I begin moving through asanas, but somewhere in the rush of life, I realized that I have not really been practicing a mindful approach to this very important part of my practice.  What I mean is that even though I may address my intent to practice heroically or with an intentional quality in my mind, I haven’t actually been hearing what my mind is thinking.  It’s merely been words in my head.

How can I really expect to BE PRESENT in each moment in life I’m not aware of the meaning behind the words going through my head?


Let your true self shine.

I realized that I need to actually fully believe in and trust what it means to

LET GO of expectations…

expectations of both success and failure.

To not just listen to, but to HEAR what my body is telling me, and honor that during my practice.


At the end of each practice on your mat, live consciously.

Notice how the intent you set and the time you have just spent refining yourself physically and mentally can guide you to be a more loving, patient, joyful, giving and grateful person—to your spouse, your child, your church, your co-workers, your friends, and the strangers you see who may be struggling with battles far greater than you can ever imagine.

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