One year ago on March 22, I journaled some frustrations I was having and questions I was looking for answers to in the way of the direction of my life in regards to work and my business.  I asked God for help figuring out my path as I was feeling a bit lost.  I had forgotten I wrote this journal entry until I randomly came across it a couple weeks ago, and it just so happened to be right around the time when we were in the thick of preparing to move into the new building, and I had been burning the candle at both ends to get our studio ready to begin holding class in it.  Funny how God does that…puts those reminders, some may even say cairns, in our life when we need them to show us that He is still working and to trust.  It was important for me to see that the request I had forgotten I put out there was still being answered…it was just taking time.

This year has certainly been a trip to say the least.  We’ve moved my business location 3 times.  In case you haven’t ever been a part of a business that has moved (something God was obviously preparing me for from experiences in my former professional life—my business is just a bit smaller), it’s kind of a nightmare—preparing the new space with paint or needed construction, communicating the move with members and followers, changing addresses on every technology footprint, moving the physical equipment (easy part) and continuing to actually run the business as though none of that other background stuff is going on. Times 3.  And oh yeah, now re-branding my business.

But all the while the dream of creating a building that brought multiple wellness entities together to serve as a guide for people on their wellness journey in a community remained present in my mind.  Perhaps it was more or less a whisper from God that I didn’t ever think would be possible.  Because how in the world could we ever afford to do something like that?  Well, God answered and gave us the opportunity, and I’m hoping to pull together some beautiful minds that can use this dynamic creation to bless many people through a variety of healing methods.

But why Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio?

Well, let me tell you.  As a kid I always loved nature {still do}, and for some reason was always drawn to rocks.  I always had a rock collection and often found myself looking for them on the dirt road by my house growing up.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s that they’re so primitive and basic, yet each unique in their own way, offering beauty and depicting strength.  Something that can withstand the forces of nature, all the while being changed because of the elements.  I like the look of unusual ones, I like the feel of polished ones, I like that some even have crystals inside of them (fun fact: state rock of Iowa = geode); an endless abundance of pieces of the earth. And, when carefully placed in a stack, form what’s called a cairn <pronounced: cAIRn>.

Cairns have long been used as guides to locate buried items or indicate the direction on a trail or path.  In terms of our studio, I like to think of those items to include the very best version of ourselves that sometimes gets buried deep within who the world wants us to be.  The version that sometimes just needs some help from outside sources to be uncovered.  And let me tell you up front, it’s not usually easy work to uncover this self.  It can take various forms & methods, including those that may not follow a traditional or conventional path, but more holistic, if you will.  Thus, enters Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio as also a directional guide.  A place for you to begin the work to open your body and mind on your path or journey toward balanced wellness.

Folks, it’s not easy—doing work on yourself, facing your ego, having your personal downfalls brought to light.  And it’s something each one of us has to figure out for ourselves through exploration, as there are so many paths to take.  I work on this daily and am in the midst of doing some pretty deep work on myself, hoping to release myself of the perfectionistic ideal that for some reason I hold in my life.  You’ll have your own battles and beliefs you come across that may no longer be serving you, and the work you have to do to rid yourself of them is most likely going to be intense and HARD.  But that’s the work that changes lives, communities and worlds.  That’s the work we help people with at Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio.  It’s not for those who just want to “sit-and-get.”  It’s for those who are ready to dig deep.

Cairns also resonate with me, because when carefully placed, each stone fully relies on the balance of the other stones to be complete and stand tall.  Similar to the idea that there are various aspects of our health that can be addressed and improved upon in order for our full potential to be realized—physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, sexual, social, etc.  Each of these elements relies on the others to create a whole and complete, healthy body-mind. And through seeking total health, we ultimately establish more harmony within ourselves, which extends into our interactions with our environment, others in our community & eventually the world, illuminating the true happiness in each one of us. Health, harmony & happiness.

As my journey to share health and wellness with others continues with a slightly different look and feel (albeit still teaching Adamantine® Yoga, but now managing business real estate in order to bring other forms of wellness to the table as well), I’m eager to see what’s in store for Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio.  I can envision its potential, but am leaving it up to God to lead me where I need to be going with it.  I trust He will continue to bless us richly and allow us to serve an abundance of people.  The energy in the building is phenomenal, and I know it will only continue to expand and impact many even beyond Knoxville.

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