#46: Owning Your Power with Your Solar Feminine Energy

Sep 15, 2022 | Podcast

Masculine and Feminine energy goes deeper than just the masculine and feminine.  Yes, we need both, AND there are smaller elements or phases that make up each.

You’ve heard me talk about how the feminine energy is associated with lunar qualities and masculine is associated with solar. But in fact both masculine and feminine have both lunar and solar qualities.


What it means to “own your power”

Have you ever felt that you weren’t living into your full capacity or power to be or do whatever it is lights you up in life?

Recently I had a realization that I had been giving my power away.

Which meant that I had not been embodying my full potential.  I had been making myself small in spirit, believe it or not.

I know this stems from a wounded inner child.  I’ve done work with my inner child and know that there are things she struggles with, just like yours does as well.  And it takes conscious work to go back and help heal that inner child in order to move through some of those mindset patterns and beliefs that we grow accustomed to.

I also know it is no longer serving me.

Have you ever felt this way? That you’re giving your power away to something or someone else?


Time for a change

Maybe you don’t even realize it’s happening. I didn’t.

Until something sparked a fire in me that I hadn’t seen in a while…we’re talking years, friends.

That something reminded me of who I was and who I could still be.  I didn’t have to be defined by the box I had been putting myself in.

You don’t either. You can take back your power whenever you want.

It takes healing work and a willingness to change, but with that, you most certainly can.


Solar Feminine Energy

I recently learned about solar feminine energy, and when it came into my awareness…everything clicked. It all made sense. For now, it was the missing link to give me permission to keep utilizing the solar energy (the energy that was the strong, outspoken, action-taking energy that I often pushed down as a response to society’s judgements) I felt was present in me AND the lunar energy that had a tendency to not be as strong within me.

But the thing is, we have both solar and lunar energy in each one of us—all people.

You see, Solar Feminine Energy, which we’ll talk about more in depth next week, is the ability to be strong, playful, creative, energetic, passionate, and confident.

To be a woman, doesn’t mean you have to just be gentle, receptive, nurturing and reflective.  Yes, those are good qualities, but when you aren’t those all the time, or even most of the time, it can lead to a sense of guilt or shame if you are expressing your opinions or are speaking up for what you actually want.

If you are making it known that perhaps you don’t want to be “placed in a box” anymore, or that you want something that is out of the norm of what society deems acceptable and appropriate.


Balance the solar and the lunar

Each quality has a place, a rhythm, if you allow yourself to step into your own power

And YOU get to have both—solar and lunar.

When you listen to your inner guidance to fully embody both the lunar and the solar, you can indeed avoid burnout at any time and optimize your productivity because you are flowing with your energetic rhythms.

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