#1: My Journey to Adamantine® Yoga

Jul 25, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Podcast

One of the key players in enhancing my personal health, harmony, & happiness is my yoga practice. I have known for years that yoga made me feel different than other forms of movement, and it wasn’t until I found Adamantine® Yoga that I realized it was because of the balance it began to create in these 3 elements in my life. Each one plays a key role in helping me feel & be my best.

This week I share my journey to finding this yoga practice and just how strongly it has impacted my life. God brought this practice to me when I needed it the most and has allowed me to use it to continue to grow as a person…spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally. It takes discipline, but having a tool that allows for peace & light to be accessible daily on your OWN accord is well worth it. Tune in to learn how Adamantine® Yoga began to serve me more than traditional exercise, and why I feel better now than I have every before in my life.

A good workout can make you feel great, but can it make you feel transcendent?  Meaning, do you find an energized calm that actually makes you a better person to both others & yourself?   

I found this feeling when I began a dedicated weekly yoga practice at a private yoga studio.

I practiced with a small group of women who were all coming to yoga for different reasons—flexibility, stress relief, life balance, strength, mental clarity, and the list goes on…. 

Stress relief & anxiety were mine.

I was 24


pressuring myself to succeed

and working relentlessly at my first career:

Teaching others to use physical activity as a means of living a healthier, more balanced life — spirit, mind and body. 

Ironic, right?

My mind could never seem to turn “off.”  Unless I physically removed myself from the environment I was in and put myself in a place dedicated to one thing with other yoga practitioners gathering for similar reasons.  Attending a private, partially self-led yoga class gave me confidence to know that what I was doing was safe and correct without questioning my technique, as in group classes.  It allowed me to continue to positively impact others because of the response it elicited within me. 

I still struggle with my monkey mind, but certainly not as much. Yoga has changed that.

Fast forward 5 years…

New town


new demanding career

no close friends living nearby

ready to start a family

treating anxiety {& depression now} medicinally & therapeutically

struggling with fertility

no dedicated personal yoga practice. 


I questioned the balance of yoga sequences I came up with to practice on my own as a yoga teacher & lacked guidance & instruction from a teacher to progress me to my edge.

The recurring theme:  STRESS & ANXIETY.

God continued to help me find yoga & led me to obtain my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Certificate as well as a yoga sequence that has only begun to balance my body & who I am as a person.  So much more than I ever even imagined I would gain from a regular yoga practice.

Adamantine® Yoga empowers you to begin a transformation to discover your best qualities and bring them to the surface to be shared with others by balancing the physical, & therefore mental & spiritual, body through a simple sequence of postures.

I began practicing Adamantine® Yoga 3-5 times a week.


I also continued

CrossFit-style workouts



strength training

and teaching multiple styles of fitness classes. (I eventually everything else but yoga, walking & biking go)

By the 3rd month of practicing Adamantine® regularly, I had become pregnant with my first child.

My mind was finally relaxing once again into my true self.  That self who had been hidden for so many years—childlike, playful, in alignment with the flow of life.

I earned my 500-hour RYT Certificate & became certified to teach Adamantine® to individuals as well as a version of the sequence to groups.  

But my group-led students could only progress so far.  Some still felt uncomfortable & unsure of themselves in class.  And mind chatter would nonetheless take over for some.

Often leaving first-time students being just that…first-time students. 

I wanted them to experience the blissful feelings I had experienced.  I wanted to make a greater impact on the community.  I wanted to pass the discipline of yoga on in an effort to contribute to create a mindset of wellness in the community.

I’m a mama & entrepreneur with a business focused on Guided Self-Practice for Adamantine® Yoga.  I work with you individually to develop your own version of the Adamantine® sequence and offer you the community and support of a group environment. 

You work through your personal, self-led sequence in a group setting & receive guidance from me through personal assists and physical adjustments.


How yoga was traditionally taught to students.


By empowering you to do the work on yourself, I help you:

learn to quiet your mind to outside distractions & stress

live with more mindfulness & simplicity

find an energized calm that makes you your best self.

So that you can balance life, family, health & work with greater ease.

And discover much health, harmony & happiness.

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