#11: Growing a Soup Culture – Kate Brown, BRAISED Bone Broth Co.

Oct 3, 2019 | Nutrition, Podcast

 From motherhood to entrepreneurship to functional nutrition, Kate Brown – owner BRAISED Bone Broth Co. – shares how bone broth is a lifestyle habit and how the craft of making bone broth stems from a rich family history of living in a soup culture.

Bone broth isn’t just a fad nutrition gimmick that promises a lot then is quickly forgotten after a year or 2.  And bringing someone chicken soup when they are ill or have been outside in the cold is not just because it’s warm and comforting. True bone broth actually has healing properties. With the rise of the “slow food movement,” where the idea is to eat less to receive enough nutrition, bone broth is truly a staple for healing the body.  And it’s where food becomes medicine.


Kate shares the struggles of living as a “recovering perfectionist” after having children and how that impacts running a business. 

While in the midst of taking a leap to birth a business, she also began to birth a family.  And although both created much fear and anxiety in her, she felt more powerful than ever after having done the latter.  It now takes tapping into her “mom powers” to be able to do everything that needs to be done in a day.


But village living is a way of life for Kate and her husband, Matt. 

They enlist the help of others to help grow their business and care for their family, and leave the rest to God.  Remembering that balance changes throughout the seasons of life. 


Being a collegiate athlete with a degree in Human Food & Nutrition, Kate was always very aware of the power that food in well-being. 

But there was  season when Kate didn’t have this balance.  She was having some health issues and struggling to feel her best.  So she turned to something that had been a staple in her family for healing and comfort–bone broth.  She discovered that it, along with grass-fed beef and mineralized sea salt had the ability to give her back her life force.  This healing trio was what she needed to begin to feel healthier again.


And because she grew up in a soup culture where her mom’s slow-simmered bone broth was a staple on the dinner table, she had the recipe to begin a successful business just as bone broth was going mainstream in the media because of its health benefits.  

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