#15: Raw Vegan + Nachos = Fork in the Road, Sheree Clark

Oct 31, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Nutrition, Podcast

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 From becoming a raw vegan to being OK with enjoying those nachos every once in a while,  Sheree Clark of Fork in the Road shares her journey with food, practicing Adamantine® Yoga and helping others as a mid-life courage coach.

How can someone who is so aware of how she eats and has led a lifestyle as a raw vegan eat nachos?  It’s about relationship with food.

The relationship we have with food often comes from beliefs that we picked up along with way in the life, and quite honestly, most that were developed before the age of 3.  So to change the way we look at food and interact with and around it can certainly be daunting and scary. 

This is actually true of many of the beliefs we have of ourselves.  We get caught in the trap of creating our own prisons because of the stories we tell ourselves—whether it’s denying ourselves the time play with our kids because we are telling ourselves we have to meet that deadline we created or that choosing convenience box food is the only option we have if we want to get everyone fed and off to their next event or obligation on time. These are all choices we are deliberately making because something has told us that it’s the only way. 

It’s not.

And being able to recognize those prisons and set healthy boundaries instead can be the difference between self-sabotage and creating a story you can gain courage from.

 In Episode #15: Raw Vegan + Nachos = Fork in the Road, Sheree Clark shares her journey with nutrition and Adamantine® Yoga and how being a midlife courage coach helps others ignite a spark in their lives to reframe their mindset. 

Find out how at week 50 of 52 of being completely raw vegan Sheree was faced with a mess-up that could have caused her to spiral downward, but didn’t. 

Instead she learned that her food choices at times had alienated her from social interactions with friends, something she had always loved about life.  And that being too militant with any part of life may inevitably create barriers like that for anyone. 

It’s how you frame your thoughts and set clear boundaries in situations that could trigger negative patterns that creates the opportunity to either grow or continue on with the negative pattern.

Sheree’s Info:


Email: info@fork-road.com

Watch her perform her story of her Raw Vegan Week 50 mess-up for the Des Moines Storytellers Project’s “On Second Thought.”

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