#16: Transitioning Through Seasons of Life

Nov 7, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Mindset, Podcast

Transitions in life, as well as in your yoga practice, can tend to be uncomfortable, especially in the beginning, but setting clear boundaries for yourself can accommodate a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. I identify the 4 ways in which I’ve observed people tend to approach transitions and talk you through 3 techniques to use when setting boundaries so you set yourself up for success when faced with a transition.

Daylight Savings Time is a necessary transition that the majority of the country goes through. And no matter if it is in the Fall or Spring, it always takes time to adjust.  And wreaks havoc on our bodies no matter when it is.  Even if this particular one is thought of as gaining an extra hour of sleep.

News flash…it’s not really. And I am now finding myself waking at 3 AM rather than 4 without an alarm. I go back to sleep, but the disturbance in sleep is still just that. A disturbance from sleep.

 But here’s something to consider. Transitions make life interesting.

I would say that the majority of people I begin with the Adamantine® Yoga practice struggle with transitions in the beginning.  And we all react to transitions differently, but for the most part, how you approach transitions in life is how you approach them on the mat. 

I’ve observed 4 ways people tend to approach transitions:

1. Rushing – Impatience and the need to want to know everything right away causes them to move more quickly than necessary, inevitably speeding things way up or skipping some element of the transition.

2. Slow Approach – Some tend to be overcautious and move very slowly because they lack the confidence in themselves to believe that they can remember.  Or they are constantly second-guessing what they are doing.  In class, these people rely on their cheat sheet as a safety blanket rather than feeling the postures in their body and trusting the flow.

3. Perpetual Pause – Some seem to get stuck for a while in transition mode, never completing but just allowing the guilt of the unfinished transition to hang over them. 

4.  Give Up and Quit – Some just jump ship & run altogether because they get frustrated before they even give themselves a chance to experience the possibilities that could happen through a transition.

It takes time and patience with yourself to adjust and adapt. Sometimes you have to ask for help.  And that’s OK. It’s to be expected—both on the mat and in life.  There is no perfection.  It’s all practice, just like yoga.

And it’s during times of transition that growth happens.  These transitions in life are meant to be uncomfortable.

Uncomfortableness produces change. 

A growth mindset is what gets you through it.  That and setting boundaries.  There are 3 techniques I consider or employ when setting boundaries.

Boundaries are those limits that you can mentally plan for in advance so you are prepared for the uneasiness that happens with change.  For what will happen or how you fill feel if you don’t stick with your boundaries.

 And setting limits just means being intentional so that you can come through the transition easily and effortlessly and maintain the beautiful flow of life.

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