#17: Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Inner Wisdom – Ali Machedon

Nov 14, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Mindset, Podcast

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Ali shares how she uses yoga philosophy and experiential methodologies to get to know your intuition and clear your inner resistance.

A productive mindset doesn’t involve learning anything new, but rather clearing the mind clutter that keeps you from being fully present to tune into your body’s intuition as Ali Machedon, Life Coach, shares in this week’s episode.  It involves shifting perspective so that clarity and focus become a natural state of being by ridding yourself of the things that stand in your way of moving with the flow of life.

Ali tells how her journey toward becoming an Adamantine® Yoga Teacher and Life Coach took her from healing her body, to a state of flourishing and now thriving not only with her yoga practice, but also in life.  She began listening to her inner wisdom and identifying her inner resistance to get to where she is now.

As a Life Coach Ali uses yoga life philosophy and experiential methodologies, such as visualizations, self-inquiry and experiences to help clients discover what cultivating a prosperous mindset looks like to them.  It’s different for everyone, but using these experiences helps you make a mind-body unity connection so that you can be living in a state of prosperity rather than resistance. 

And the good news is, you have access to whatever is going to work best for you no matter where you are in life. 

It’s within you already and accessible only in the present moment simply by aligning your thoughts and actions with your inner wisdom.   

So how do you distinguish between that inner resistance and inner wisdom and say “no” to the resistance and “yes” to the wisdom?

Ali gives 2 simple ways to beginning the process to move toward the wisdom and free yourself from the resistance that may be stopping you from surrendering to your higher self.

“When you’re able to do this, not only will you naturally experience a prosperous mindset, you’ll also experience life with ease and joy.”  Life flowing freely and harmoniously.


Other Notes:

Inner wisdom = only available in the present moment; that deep breath; always peaceful & loving; slowing down to listen to intuition; leading a “yoga life” i.e. feeling in alignment with life

Inner Resistance = involves worry about the future or fear of the past; limiting beliefs; procrastination, guilt, feeling sorry, unworthy, disempowered, apathy, fear; addiction; negative voice inside of you; discontented; feeling stuck 

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