#18: Yoga Mind® – Dianna Quach

Nov 21, 2019 | Mindset, Podcast

What does our body tell us about our past? A LOT. You may or you may not realize that our tissues hold our issues. Everything that makes up our story is held somewhere in our body. But when we can be so present and detached from the outcome of life’s circumstances or situations, all of that stuff can release. Let go. Free your mind and you can free your body.

You are whole and complete exactly as you are. Splinters and all. It’s the rejection of self because of choices we have made or stories we have made up in our minds, that makes us feel incomplete.







But YOU are worth more than that.


No gold star needed to testify that you are powerful beyond measure just as you are.

So when you start to doubt that you are valued or place your value within other’s hands or minds or power, bring yourself back to the present. Like a river always changing, never the same. You too, are always changing, never the same because each breath that lives in you changes you. Time is fleeting. Never the same.​

Impermanence is guaranteed.

And it’s beautiful. As you are.

Instead of resisting the changes that happen in your life and body be curious with them. Just like on the yoga mat. Curiosity is the best approach. And when you are curious enough to let your life’s splinters come to the surface, you will see that when put together, they complete you.

Whole. You. Amazing.

In this week’s episode of Health Harmony and Happiness with Cathy, I visit this concept and much more with Dr. Diana Quach, licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Yoga Mind®. A yoga practice that allows you to embrace who you are as a person and gives you insight into the areas of the body that are holding painful memories and emotions that you carry with you.

Dianna’s professional take on how we process emotions within the body leads to a powerful practice that she is beginning to share with the world. Mindset goes well beyond the beliefs we have created in our minds, be they limiting or expansive; it incorporates not only your “head mind,” but also your “heart mind” in order to make you a whole and complete functioning person.

Get in touch with Dianna Quach:

Email:  diannaq1215@gmail.com

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