#2: James Miller on Founding Adamantine® Yoga

Aug 1, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Podcast

What if you could start your day feeling energized yet calm and elevate yourself to the best version of who you are each and every day? 

Well, Adamantine® Yoga does that.

The magic of yoga has always been present no matter what style of yoga you practice, but the order in which the postures are sequenced has a tremendous impact on how you go about the rest of your day, and how your interactions with others are influenced.  James Miller is the founder of Adamantine® Yoga, but credits the potential for powerful life transformation the practice has to simply re-ordering the way in which yoga postures are sequenced…making it more effective.  It’s basically an upgraded version of Ashtanga Yoga—derived from the teachings James received after working with his teacher who had a very engineer-driven mind.

Admantine® is a vehicle designed to empower you to bring out your best self, which happens to be based around 20 yogic postures.  It is a complex demonstration of what the human body is capable of doing each day. And what happens on your mat is a direct reflection of how you go about approaching life. 

The word adamantine means having the hardness or beauty of a diamond, and it’s been said that the goal of hatha yoga is to “create the adamantine body.”  But this is speaking to much more than just the physical body.   By refining the expression of yourself physically, you ultimately end up impacting your mind and spirit as well, thus seeking the goal of creating the diamond-like body.

James has a background in the military and with personal training, and when he first encountered yoga, he was out to debunk it.  He was under the belief that other modes of exercise were more effective in refining the human body & mind as a whole. 

But the idea of creating this “diamond-like body” cannot be met with simplistic modes of movement such as running, cycling, or flipping tires to name a few, because our bodies are not simplistic beings.  To express yourself at the highest level, you need a more “elegant solution”—one that addresses all the ways in which our bodies experience the world.  Through their full range of motion. 

Not just through repetitive physical movements.

It takes work, but if you’re truly interested in approaching life with the greatest ease of movement, with grace, & in a relaxed state, then Adamantine® is a better solution than more traditional forms of exercise.  And over time, through social situations and interactions, you eventually begin to realize you are a different person. 

Your perception has changed, reflecting an elevated self.  But it’s truly a practice-led spiritual transformation that occurs from the flow of the physical movement that is taking place on the mat.

So what sets Adamantine® Yoga apart from other styles of yoga?

James credits its success in transforming lives to the fact that it’s systematic AND that it incorporates 4 universally appropriate tenets.  These tenets are spiritual qualities or lessons that make sense to everyone.  And if you allow the practice to work in your life, you will no doubt encounter them.  James intentionally did not bring any Eastern mysticism into this practice because he wanted it to be accessible to all.  The tenets are a way of allowing the practice to speak to the spiritual side of what yoga can do without bringing in concepts or ideas that may have been derived from other cultures or even religions, which may not resonate with everyone.

The other component that makes Adamantine® such a powerful vehicle of change is that it invites a sense of ownership into the practice by empowering you to learn and self-direct what your body needs on a particular day. 

In group yoga classes, this is just not possible.

Individualization is emphasized with Adamantine, and you are seen & heard because you work directly with a teacher who focuses on the needs of your unique body. 

To some it may feel overwhelming to have the responsibility of a personal yoga practice like this—those are the individuals who are already so overwhelmed and “busy” in life that they just want someone to tell them what to do so they can “check something off their list” for the day.  But for those who are looking to do the work to transform mentally, emotionally & spiritually, as well as physically, this practice is the difference that will only enhance your health, harmony & happiness as you age.

At 48 James is still working towards being in the best shape of his life & only continues to experiment to refine his health. The practice has given him the path that brought him his wife and has allowed them to continue to deepen their relationship over time. 


I invite you to experience something different.

If you are in the Des Moines area, sign up for a FREE week of class with James and his team.

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