#21: EMBODY an Abundant Mindset, Hemalayaa

Dec 12, 2019 | Mindset, Podcast

A softer side of the Mindset theme this week as we discuss creating and EMBODY-ing an Abundant Mindset with guest Hemalayaa.

Living with an abundant mindset is releasing the fear of scarcity, or a “do more” mentality, and rather expanding into your highest state of being so that you actually spend MORE TIME in your true, playful self.  This week Hemalayaa and I sit down and unpack what an abundant mindset looks like and how her EMBODY pathway is one way to begin working on creating an abundant mindset for yourself. 

Plus learn 2 techniques for centering yourself that bring you back into present-moment awareness quickly and 3 steps for practicing sustainability of more abundant mindset.





Instagram: @Hemalayaa


  • Use the technique of “dropping in” to get to that place of coming back to your highest self in order to be more fully present.
  • Abundance is expansion and trust in the flow of life.
  • Scarcity is the opposite of abundance and involves living the “hustle” while living with a “do more” mentality.
  • When living in your highest self, Life flows easily and expansion naturally happens.
  • When living in scarcity, you never have enough. And by believing or saying that, you never will get out of that. “Whatever story we’re in, we’re proving it.”
  • The awareness of scarcity, whatever that may look like in your life, is the way to break through your current truth by exploring creativity and allowing yourself to be curious. In Adamantine® Yoga, this translates to being curious with your practice each time you step on your mat and surrendering to whatever presents itself.
  • Living with an abundant mindset moves on a continuum and is an ongoing process of life. Being able to catch yourself and making those times with a scarcity mentality smaller is an ongoing process of life so that more and more, the abundant mindset becomes second nature.
  • There are 3 steps that can be taken for practicing sustainability of a more abundant mindset,
  • Use an “adult temper tantrum” to break through the holding on of scarcity and create space to come back to the present moment.







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