#22: Revisiting Health Harmony and Happiness

Feb 5, 2020 | Balancing Work and Family, Podcast

Stepping back or away from commitments that aren’t helping you to be your best, and are instead going against the flow of life is sometimes necessary to take inventory of your own health, harmony and happiness.

Find out how my recent experience with doing just this allowed me to set clear intentions for cultivating more health, harmony and happiness in my own life and begin to treat my recently diagnosed Postpartum Thyroiditis.

Here’s how I define at Health Harmony and Happiness:

Health: Feeling your best, thriving, optimal blueprint of the best version of YOU

Harmony:  Flowing with all the elements of life; eliminating those things that are disrupting your flow or aren’t in agreement with creating a consistent whole self

Happiness:  Creating pleasurable experiences or contentment overall; eliminating the elements that do not resonate with creating this

**There will inevitably be things that pull you away from these elements or that enter into your life and test your limits, so having a solid foundation or baseline of what these qualities mean to you is helpful.

Part of the reason I was also experiencing an overload in my life was that I was not paying attention to the signals that my body was giving me.  I was overtired and more irritable because of the fatigue (and possibly from stress and/or postpartum hormone fluctuations creating more emotional gunk), and this was because my body physically wasn’t producing the hormones it needed to in order to function properly.  Postpartum Thyroiditis, which showed up first as Hyperthyroidism for a brief time then produced a Hypothyroidism response in my body led me to be experiencing a bunch of symptoms that were creating less than ideal conditions for me to thrive in health, harmony and happiness.

So I set ego and pride aside and hit the pause button on some of the commitments that were calling for my attention.  I spent time with family and taking an inventory of what I wanted health, harmony and happiness to look like in my life after some transitions in our family and work life.  And because of that pause, I reminded myself of the clear purpose of why I seek to create Health Harmony and Happiness in my own life and help others do so in theirs.

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