#28: Spiritual Connectedness with Melissa Harris

Mar 25, 2020 | Balancing Work and Family, Podcast, Self-Care, Spirituality

In today’s episode learn a simple spiritual practice to help you avoid taking on someone else’s energy that could negatively impact you; a visualization technique that allows you to filter both the energy you give and receive.  

If you’re working from home or have kids at home, you are definitely in close relationship with family these days.  And when you’re around the same people all the time without any link to the outside world, it can take a toll on the way you feel.  You may not be receiving energy from sources that may subconsciously help you feel better usually and you may not be getting rid of energy that is no longer serving you because you are unable to do the things you usually do. 

So managing your energy, something that you perhaps have been completely unaware of up until this point, becomes something that you now need to take note of.  This connection with universal energy, Spirit, Source, God as I prefer to refer to it, or whatever you want to call it is what makes us Divine beings, yet our ability to experience emotions and feelings and will makes us completely human.  So how do we find a balance in these 2 elements as we work toward a more complete whole self? And how do we find some sense of harmony during this time of chaos?


During this time when we are being asked to distance ourselves, connection is what is going to help us continue to thrive.  Connection with others, connection with our own whole self, and connection with God. Yet even in the midst of not being able to perhaps physically touch or be very near to others, the energy we give and receive is still being transferred, exchanged and felt. 

Yet remaining connected during this social distancing time involves also managing the spiritual energy you give and receive from others. On an energetic or spiritual level we are human, but we are also divinely connected by some greater force—God, spirit, universal energy.  Whatever you call it, living in both capacities as fully human and fully divine can take some conscious awareness and effort to find a balance between the 2.

This relationship between being both fully human & experiencing life as we do—joy, sorrow, pain, peace—and being fully divine—created by God and connected to everything—is what my guest, Melissa Harris, and I talk about in this week’s episode.

Learn more about Melissa below.


Melissa Harris - Interfaith Minister, Writer, Speaker, Student

Melissa received her undergrad degree in Psychology from Iowa State University and an M.S. in Counseling from Wayne State College in Nebraska.  Her professional career has included social services, conservatorship law, and insurance. 

Ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2017 following study in Comparative Religions and Mysticism, she is currently pursuing a Master’s of Divinity through All Faiths Seminary International, and serves on the Spiritual Council of Unity Center of Des Moines.

A lifelong seeker of wisdom and meaning, Melissa believes that the breath and body are expressions of God, and that the way to live fully is to intentionally and equally embrace our humanity and our divinity.

Melissa is married to Tim Harris. They live in Urbandale, Iowa, are avid sports fans, and enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, and any time spent connecting in nature.

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