#3: Planting the Seeds of Adamantine® Yoga with Kelly McCormick

Aug 8, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Podcast

In looking for a more organized & systematic way to practice yoga & find a deeper teacher-student relationship, Kelly McCormick found Adamantine® Yoga & now uses it as a measure for how everything else aligns in her life. 

One of the most common ways that people begin a yoga practice or even practice, believe it or not, is at home—either in front of a DVD or, these days, on YouTube. For Kelly, she was experienced in practicing in a studio taking group classes, but the season of her life led her to move toward a home practice, which wasn’t always meeting her needs. 

She was ready to take her yoga practice to the next level with a teacher training, but wanted to find a training in which she could have a meaningful, intentional relationship with her teacher.  Similar to the relationship found between a guru & student…how yoga was traditionally taught.

James Miller was that teacher.

And when she began practicing under his guidance, he opened her eyes to Adamantine® Yoga in its very early stages of development.  Before learning anything about Adamantine®, Kelly had been approaching her efforts in bettering herself in a haphazard way. She realized she needed a system to make true, lasting changes in her life, and Adamantine was & is the solution she now uses.

It is not easy work & not always fun. 

It first takes a commitment to yourself to transform your own life.  When you arrive at a yoga practice with this intention, it’s blind faith that something unknown & positive will happen because of the commitment you are making to self-care.  Yoga is not a destination that can be trained for specifically like a 5K or strength training competition.  It’s a journey that, only through relentless consistency, will eventually over time change who you are…for the better.

Adamantine® gives you that step-by-step process to begin to level up to the best self that is at the core of each of us. 

This clear path not only offers a system with layers for the physical practice, but also offers up spiritual qualities that inherently become impacted over time when you show up on your mat.  It’s more than just moving your body through 20 postures. 

Kelly shares how it has become a touchstone in her life to compare the rest of her life & health to because it does offer that constant—and whatever shows up your mat, inevitably is showing up somewhere else in your life…good or bad.

When busyness is the excuse not to practice, it becomes the excuse not to give back to yourself. 

It is a CHOICE and the perception of what we have {or make} time for in the day – and we all make time for what we want to make time for.  So when you choose yoga because it’s just what you do, then everything else falls into place and you start to move with the flow of life.  You begin to respond to situations with more grace mentally & emotionally.

As an anxiety coach, Kelly uses these ideas and concepts to plant seeds within her clients as well as within herself to funnel energy in a healthy way & look beyond the current situation by asking questions that serve rather than letting themselves or herself off the hook. 

Questions like:  “What if you were the kind of person who practiced yoga every day?  What would that look like?” or “Who am I going to be after this practice?” and “What is possible for me the rest of the day if I just practice?” 

These sort of questions help us cope with the NOW & who we want to be & create rather than looking to the past.  Adamantine® Yoga serves the daily stress-response mechanism that can help in answering these questions.

And although Kelly does not live near an Adamantine® Yoga studio, she continues to practice daily because of the mental health benefits it brings to her own life & others.  So when she does get the chance to go to the studio to practice, her interactions with not only James, but also the community that makes up much of the in-studio experience, enrich her practice and cause her to ask more of herself than when she is on the mat at home.


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