#35: Loneliness and Your Health

May 13, 2020 | Health, Podcast

Loneliness affects almost half of the U.S. population.

Part of our health is influenced by how connected we are with those around us.  And perhaps the authenticity of those relationships can have a greater impact on your health than you even realize.

Loneliness is a signal or indicator that something needs to change–it’s a feeling, which can make it hard to detect. But if not addressed, it can potentially have negative health side effects in the way of chronic illness and decreased lifespan.   

If loneliness affects so many NOT during a pandemic, I can only imagine how heightened the numbers are during a pandemic.  I’m speaking with Amie Zarling, PhD today, a Clinical Psychologist and assistant professor at Iowa State University who has done extensive work on social connectedness and how to seek out authentic relationships.

Highlights & resources below.


{5:34} Loneliness in the U.S. 

{6:42} Loneliness Defined

{7:56} Social Connectedness

{9:44} Identifying Loneliness or Social Disconnection

{11:18}  Interventions for Loneliness

{13:26} Cultivating Authentic Relationships

{17:43} Levels of Connectedness

{19:42} How Mindfulness Fits In

{32:18} Loneliness During Social Distancing



Links mentioned in this episode:

Here’s the Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale

Here’s the Managed Healthcare Executive Article: New Findings on Loneliness Can Improve Pop Health


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Guest Links:

Amie Zarling |   Contact Amie: azarling@iastate.edu

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