#36: Cultivating Healthy Communication in Relationships

May 20, 2020 | Harmony, Podcast

Katie Rössler gives tips on how to overcome communication breakdowns and instead build positive connections in your closest relationships.

We all have different communication styles that we tend to gravitate towards, and even though you may be speaking the same language, sometimes your needs, wants and desires get lost in translation when it comes to relationships. Katie Rössler gives tips on how to overcome this communication breakdown and instead build positive connections.

We discuss healthy arguing strategies as well as how to get back into the flow of communicating with your spouse or partner.  Life is always happening around us, and it takes patience and practice to remember to be present for your spouse. And when this intentionality is in place, you can begin to create healthy habits around communicating more effectively while having fun with it.

Katie and I talk perceived gender roles + how those perceptions come into play with creating communication barriers. Learn how to bring your family together to overcome these barriers so that everyone is on the same page.  Katie shares her outline for a successful family meeting and what a good age is to invite your kids to be a part of those family meetings.  She also introduces us to the concept of the Chief Household Officer and what that means in terms of running a home.

Highlights & resources below.


{4:51}   Katie’s background with communication

{6:16}   Healthy Arguing

{11:08} Physiological responses to arguing

{12:29} Arguing style, actions and boundaries

{13:52} Improving communication + helping it flow

{17:52} Practicing humility in marriage

{18:38} Healthy communication habits in relationships

{23:30} Accountability for giving and receiving love

{27:35} Gender roles + household responsibilities

{31:58} The unintentional career hierarchy perception

{35:25} The Family Meeting

{42:48} The Chief Household Officer



Links mentioned in this episode:

All of Katie’s resources can be found here:

Positive Connections Resources

We mentioned this book in our discussion:  The 5 Love Languages

I came across these resources for also communicating about shared responsibilities in the home: Tools for Communicating Shared Responsibilities


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Positive-Connections.com (mid-summer 2020)

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Facebook:  @thechiefhouseholdofficerclub  |  @positiveconnectionsforcouples 

Instagram:  @thechiefhouseholdofficerclub  |  @positiveconnectionsforcouples


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