#45: How to Tap into your Feminine Energy

Sep 8, 2022 | Harmony, Podcast

Just like the positive and negative ends of a battery must be clear and connected in order for the battery to work properly, you have both feminine and masculine energy within you that must be nurtured and balanced in order for you to work at your highest potential.

And if both of these qualities aren’t acknowledged, and one is perhaps stronger than the other, you’ll likely have issues in your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Issues that lead to things like burnout, lack of focus, anxiety, and irritability if your masculine energy is too powerful; and issues like lethargy, co-dependency, anxiety, and inaction if your feminine is the stronger of the two.

But sometimes knowing what your feminine and masculine energy each look like is the first challenge.  And once you define them, you can easily tap into one or the other through any number of ways so that when you step into your feminine energy you can still invite the masculine to be a part of you, but in a more balanced way.

How to tap into your feminine energy:

1.  Find your Rhythms:

2.  Tune into your Inner Guidance & listen to her

    • Something I help my clients do regularly and something you can easily do by inviting some of the things I’ll be mentioning in this talk as ways to be more present & receptive in your life.
    • Inner Guidance:  Your unconscious/subconscious mind or inner wisdom; the intuitive knowing within you; your connection with a higher knowing or the voice of God within you calling you to act; it’s the knowing that doesn’t require thinking, but rather causes instinctive action; it can be connected with through quiet stillness.
    • This is where trust comes in.  Trust is the opposite of control; when you trust that life is moving as it’s supposed to and a higher power is at work, you can let go of some of the control in your life.

3.  Own Your Thoughts and Actions

    • Allow yourself to heal thoughts that are no longer serving you and heal your inner self or inner child who is hurting and keeping you from owning your thoughts and actions.
    • Step into your power and believe that your truth needs to be heard–that the inner guidance within you needs to be heard, then act on them.
    • Remember you need both the masculine and feminine to function in your flow, so acknowledging and knowing what each of those means to you is crucial.

3.  Define what masculine energy means to you and where it shows up in your life


4.  Creativity–whatever that looks like to you

5.  Receive instead of give


6.  Be in nature–Earthing, engaging your senses completely in nature

    • Check out Episode 37 of the podcast for how you can begin your own Earthing practice!

7.  Self-reflection–define what feminine energy is to you. Journal on this.

    • Maybe it’s your clothes or the way you do your hair or makeup–maybe you’ve gotten out of the habit of doing those sorts of things and just doing them will spark your femininity

8.  Connect with other women!

    • Socially and professionally

9.  Play!

    • Take yourself on a playdate…weekly!

10.  Self-love

    • What are those things that promote nurturing of your mind, body and soul?

11.  Settle into yourself or ground yourself

    • Nature is a great way, but also practice yoga, meditation, breathing, prayer or any other centering technique that to drop you back into your body

12.  Be still. Rest.


13.  Practice Mindfulness

    • My definition: Paying attention to what’s happening right now, in this moment. It may involve engaging all the senses to observe what’s happening both inside and outside your body. It’s not about getting something right or wrong, it’s just practice! Practicing a loving and kind way of looking at your experience in this present moment.
    • Be present with your emotional state as it changes and use your senses to engage in the world around you WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

14.  Define who you currently are AND who you want to be

      • Requires stillness
      • Something I do with clients regularly as well

15.  Witness the results

      • Witness who you are when you step into your feminine energy and invite the masculine to also be a part, but a more balanced part

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