#47: What is Solar Feminine Energy and Why You Need to Know

Sep 22, 2022 | Harmony, Podcast

When you begin to integrate the solar and the lunar energies that are naturally present within you, you embody both strength and compassion.

The moon reflects light of the sun, but that’s not how we were created in God’s eyes…to only reflect the masculine.

We were created as humans…equal in God’s eyes. Not one more powerful than the other, like I said last week. Both are needed

BUT the feminine has the capacity to not only reflect light, but also to embody it. It’s called…

Solar Feminine Energy (& Lunar Masculine Energy)

It’s actually a thing and helps clear up any uncertainty that comes when we as women try to mimic the masculine energy that we have been led to believe is the only way of “taking action” or “doing” in our lives. It’s more complex than just masculine and feminine and offers a different way of thinking, much like thinking of things as cyclical instead of linear.

Solar is not JUST masculine and that has been the thing that can cause internal conflict for women who tend to be strong in their solar energy…it’s as though that energy doesn’t fit with the expectation of lunar feminine energy or what we typically think of when we think of feminine energy.

But there can be BOTH!

Both solar and lunar in the feminine

Because this isn’t necessarily how we typically see masculine and feminine energy, we, action-takers or over-achievers, have historically modeled ourselves after the solar masculine which means we push too hard, over-commit and extend ourselves and eventually burnout, while watching and often complaining as men honor their rhythm of rest when they feel called to. Not understanding that they are simply actually living more in alignment with their rhythms than we might be.

When you begin to integrate the solar and the lunar energies that are naturally present within you, you embody both strength and compassion.

And men are not immune to this change either, they are beginning to live into their lunar masculine energy as well:

  • So they can support the strong women in their lives.
  • So they can begin to live out their best selves as well.

=>Consider over the decades how much more commonplace it is now for dads to be super involved parents

    Solar Feminine

    => Integrates both the heart and Sacral Chakra energies

    => Pink-orange colors corresponding to higher heart and Sacral colors

    Heart energies = love and harmony

    Sacral energies = creativity, passion, sexuality, abundance, pleasure


    Characteristics of Solar and Lunar Energy:

    Wounded Solar Energy

    • Domineering
    • Authoritative
    • Over-competitiveness
    • Over-assertive
    • Abuse of power
    • Aggressive
    • Criticism
    • Avoidance
    • Unsupportive
    • Confrontational

    Healthy Solar Feminine:

    • Energized
    • Creative
    • Playful
    • Compassionate
    • Purpose
    • Focused
    • Love, not war
    • Boundaries
    • Confidence
    • Clarity
    • Discipline
    • Protection
    • Logical
    • Outward/Expansive
    • Will
    • Inner strength
    • Assertive

    Wounded Lunar Energy

    • Indecisiveness
    • Lethargy
    • Inaction
    • Powerlessness
    • Weakness
    • Withholding
    • Over-emotional
    • Over-sensitive
    • Neediness


    Healthy Lunar Feminine:

    • Receptive
    • Nurturing
    • Listening
    • Listening to Inner Guidance/Intuition
    • Caretaking
    • Inward/Contractive
    • Reflective
    • Understanding
    • Visionary
    • Stillness
    • Unconditional Love
    • Feeling
    • Pleasure

    Balancing Solar and Lunar Feminine

    1.  Learn to receive and ask for what we want without feeling desperate or needy, without needing to chase or conquer; then accepting the results or outcome.

    2.  Balance need to work and rest without guilt–just like you’ve heard me say many times.

    3.  Using your solar feminine energy means you GET to be a catalyst for change, it’s not all about receiving.

    4.  Live in harmony with the masculine…all parts of the masculine.

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