#48: Chaos in Life is Inevitable

Sep 29, 2022 | Podcast, Self-Care

I want to remind you that it’s okay to not be perfect when you start a new habit or restart an old one.

You know during summer when you feel the effects of not having a regular schedule?

When you’re not on a schedule (or even if you are and it’s a bit different than the majority of the year) you can feel a bit unfocused and scattered. Which can make you feel stuck and like you can’t move forward because you just can’t get into a regular routine. Or it can make you completely burned out because you’re doing so many fun things or running the kids all over that you give up on your need for the things that ground you.

Things like yoga, journaling, walking/intentional movement–all things that ground you.

Can you relate? What have you been neglecting over the past few months (or longer) that you know could help you?

I want to remind you that it’s OK to not be perfect when you start a new habit or restart an old one.

Sometimes it can be hard to start or restart something that you’ve stopped.

For instance, restarting yoga can often be tricky because you place a whole bunch of judgements on yourself for stopping and thinking you won’t be where you were when you stopped.

Or what about tracking your cycle?  This could be a new thing to start, that might feel big and a little heavy, yet it’s the first step in knowing your energetic rhythms.  But it can also be the hardest because you have to choose to start.

I get it.

When you’re burned out from one thing or another or multiple things and the things that will help ground you and center you have even been shut out, it’s hard to get the motivation to get started with those things that will help you get back to living in your element.

I know that.

And that’s OK. We’ve all been there.

So 6 feet in front of you.

This is your encouragement. Whatever you are struggling with getting back to, like practicing yoga or walking or eating healthy. Or struggling to start, like tracking your rhythms—the first step in getting to know yourself deeper so you can stop the real challenges that cause you to cycle back and forth out of burnout and being stuck—you do indeed have the power to get back to it.

What’s 1 action you can take today so you can start feeling a bit more at ease with your time, energy and focus even when unexpected things come up?

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