#49: The Best Way To Ground Yourself

Oct 6, 2022 | Energetic Rhythms, Podcast, Self-Care

Yoga is the gateway to understanding yourself.  It is the one tool that begins the process of connecting with your energetic rhythms and revealing your true emotional, mental and spiritual self.

When you feel chaotic, unsettled, or distracted and unable to focus, it’s necessary to have resources that you can call on to settle or ground back into yourself.

In last week’s episode I gave you permission to be in that space of distraction and chaos, and to just allow yourself to be there. It’s inevitable that there are going to be things in life that make you feel a little bonkers and scattered, but there are resources you have access to that can help so you feel at ease with your time, energy and focus when those unexpected things come up.

There are a ton of techniques out there that you can use to feel settled and reconnect with your highest self, but hands down, the best way I believe to do this, is yoga.


Yoga is the answer

Yoga is the gateway to ultimately mastering your energetic rhythms and hearing and listening to your Inner Guidance. It is the foundation to settling yourself enough to know yourself so you can uncover your Energetic Rhythms and start tuning into your Inner Guidance.

It’s kinda like cake. 

Yoga & tracking your Energetic Rhythms is the cake itself, while things like journaling, walking breath work alone, and massage are the icing, ice cream and extras on the cake.


Why Yoga

Yoga encompasses the body, mind and spirit in 1 succinct practice. 



From the positions you take in a yoga practice to the order in which the postures are put together, yoga has the power to transform not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional, ultimately transforming your spirit or energetic awareness in the process. The first place you encounter the physical awareness of your body is with the very first posture you take. 

And in Energetic Rhythms Yoga, that is generally Child’s Posture.  Child’s is an ideal time to connect with your physical body by scanning for discomforts and imbalances, then begin to notice your breath and begin to consciously posture it so that it can be the leading element that changes the way you feel at the end of your yoga practice. 

Yet another element also reveals its power as you begin to practice—the order of the yoga postures you practice.  If the postures are haphazardly strung together the outcome of how you will feel at the end of your practice is vastly different that how you will feel if they are carefully placed in an order to create a certain feeling. 

Science tells us that how you hold your body communicates how the brain will respond—how you will feel and act.  So opening your body to its fullest extent and strengthening it communicates the desire for the same qualities in your bind…balance, focus, calm, strength.  Body positioning and order of postures communicates your intention to create something different in your life or at least a different perception.



Ultimately people tend to come to yoga because of the connection with body, but soon realize if they stick with it, that there is so much more.  One of the first things clients encounter on the mat when working with me in the invitation to set an intention for their practice. 


I offer this invitation to set an intention in that first posture, Child’s, after you have become aware of what’s going on physically within your body.  You get to decide how you want to feel at the end of your practice, then move in a way that honors that intention.  It’s a choice.

You can choose to honor and be curious about your observations from the body scan you just did, or you can choose to disconnect from your body and instead let your mind wander.  It’s the intention-setting within your yoga practice that gives you direction and focus. And it’s a reminder that everything you do, feel and experience is indeed a choice. And these choices ultimately impact your energetic presence in this world.



This energetic presence, or your spirit, is influenced by breath, because how you breathe reflects who you are as a person at any given time.  So when breath is intentionally connected with movement, it gives your busy body something to channel energy into and with. And that intentional movement with breath becomes yoga, not just stretching.

Because it’s in matching breath with movement, that you come into a place of connecting your physical self with God presence within you, making yoga the gateway to ultimately mastering your energetic rhythms and hearing and listening to your Inner Guidance.


Connecting to the root of who you are

Being ungrounded/unsettled in life happens in life, and when you’re ready to come back to yourself, back to connection with the deepest part of who you are, yoga is a must. It brings movement and body positioning that communicates your intentions and choice to drop back into your body and connect with Spirit…with God, the Creator.

Yoga puts you in touch with your physical body.  It takes you out of overthinking when you have a plan for movement, such as the case with Energetic Rhythms Yoga, and allows you to choose your outcome and response to what you are doing on your mat.

Yoga connects you more intimately with God, the voice of your Inner Guidance within you, and ultimately THE only One who has the power to bring you complete peace at any given moment. 

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