#5: Craving Calm: Yoga Tourist Turned Yoga Guide

Aug 22, 2019 | Adamantine Yoga, Podcast

Setting an intention with the universe {God, Jesus, spiritual guides, allies, ancestors…} for yourself and truly believing in that intention is more powerful than merely stating you want a change to happen. 

For Shelby Kruse, Adamantine® Yoga teacher, this is what it took to bring Adamantine® Yoga into her life.  She was on a path that was taking her to a dark, sad place and wasn’t content with her life.  She was living among the chaos of staying home with 3 littles and did not have an outlet for herself that gave her a break and time for her own self-care, except for 2-3 days a week when it worked for her to go to the gym or a hot yoga studio.  She was depressed and anxious and needed a way to fill her own cup back up. 

Things will show up for you if you are willing to see them.

It took the devastating loss of having a close friendship explode in front of Shelby for her to realize something had to change.  She knew she needed yoga in her life, but what she was currently practicing was not serving her.  She needed something that could give her time for herself…something that would bring calm to her, and that she could do every day.  Shelby was also seeking the guidance & personal relationship with a teacher who could bring her a more fulfilling & deeper practice.  That’s when the universe revealed its alignment, and through a series of events brought her to Adamantine®. 

You get back from experiences what you put into them.

Immediately after meeting James Miller, founder Adamantine® Yoga, & being introduced to the practice, she knew she wanted to be practicing it every day.  She had an emotional need for yoga and was looking for that spiritual connection that a regular yoga practice can bring.  What James was teaching could do it. 

With her discipline and dedication to the practice, she began to notice the mind-body connection that appears with this daily practice.  

Shortly after finding Adamantine® a wonderful therapist was placed in her life that has helped her cope with some of the deep transformations she was beginning to experience on the mat.  She opened her heart and allowed the opportunity for these changes to come into her life. 

Shelby knew she NEEDED yoga away from home for her health…

…so what were the potential roadblocks?

For Shelby, she knew the issue with her husband would be the cost associated with a membership.  For some people the excuses are time, childcare, or class times.  But money can often be a big stopper.  However, she also had learned over the years that it’s never really about the $$; people will spend money on what is important to them.  If you really want something, you’ll find a way to make it work. 

And because this was for her HEALTH, it became a priority for their family. 

Yoga has given Shelby an opportunity to release stuff that she had been holding onto in her body & life for years.  There have been emotional releases on the mat as well as discouragement when accepting that after 4 years postures can still be incredibly challenging for no obvious reason other than it must be personality gunk she is holding in her tissues. 

But she has also seen a change in herself for the better.

She is more open & loving, less controlling & “judgey” towards others and herself.  But it took getting to a really dark place for everything to blow up & her to be led to everything she is now. 

Living a happier and more harmonious life. 

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