#50: Stuck in Motion vs. Taking Action

Oct 13, 2022 | Energetic Rhythms, Podcast

Your body’s rhythms show you exactly when to rest and when to take action so you don’t have to overthink life and work.

In motion vs. Taking Action

    • In motion = 2nd phase of productivity… planning
    • Taking Action = 3rd phase
    • Getting stuck in the “in motion” stage means nothing is actually happening that makes a difference in helping you feel like you’re living in flow with life.
    • Busy work, perpetual planning, perfectionism, spinning your wheels leads to heaviness in life and eventually burnout


    • Not releasing your thoughts out into the world
    • Buying the paint and never painting that room or putting it off for weeks or months
    • Buying exercise equipment but never using it
    • Planning the summer activities With your kids you want to fo but then August rolls around and you realize you’ve not even done half the things on your list and you feel guilty about that
    • Doing all the things for your kids but still feeling like your tank is empty
    • Stacks of notes or lists an your desk that never get addressed

It’s like revving your engine forever without ever letting off the break

What else, what’s one thing you can think of right now that’s hanging over you or has you stuck in this “in motion” phase?

What this might look like in regards to your menstrual cycle:

    • Irregular cycles
    • A cycle that hangs on longer than you think it “should”
    • PMS discomfort or pain

These are cues from your body that something is off in your mental-emotional state and is keeping you stuck where you may not want to be.

So how do you get out of that phase?

This is where knowing your rhythms comes in handy. When you do, you can use them to your advantage to help you get out of that “in-motion” phase and into Phase 3 of your Energetic Rhythms: Taking Action. 

But to do this you have to know a couple things about your cycle…. and it might be more than just when it starts. This is the sort of thing my Daily Rhythms Tracker helps you do.

Grab the Daily Rhythms Tracker


Learn how to use it by watching or listening to

Episode 41: Discovering Your Energetic Rhythms.

When you know what phase of your cycle you are in and where the moon is, you can start to plan to use those rhythms to begin taking action and complete the cycle

By tracking your cycle, you begin to be able to anticipate when you’ll have more energy to begin taking action instead of just spinning your wheels. Then you can capitalize on that energy to move into the next phase, Phase 3, of productivity.

Being stuck in motion feels heavy. In order to help you lighten the load, start tracking your cycle and enhancing not only your body awareness, but also your mental-emotional awareness…recognizing how the 2 are connected.

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