#51: Rhythms that Create Life and Save Life

Oct 20, 2022 | Energetic Rhythms, Health, Podcast, Self-Care

 Your body is a messenger. At all times in your life, it’s giving you cues as to how to live your life.

Meet Stacy Hart

Stacy is a 40 year old wife to my husband Ryan for almost 9 years, mom to 3 daughters, daughter, nurse, friend, and breast cancer survivor.

She has a beautifully inspiring story and it needs to be heard by this community since I help women use their cycles and rhythms to make life easier. What she went through, including to get pregnant is something that other women need to hear to know they’re not alone.

As a nurse Stacy is particularly aware of importance of health checks. And also sometimes those in healthcare are the last ones to seek out advice or help for their own health roadblocks. Stacy indeed fell into this trap at times as well, but was particularly aware when she found a lump in her breast that turned her world upside down. Her inner guidance told her she needed to do something more, and because she did, she can now say that she is a cancer survivor.


Using Body’s Rhythms to Support Pregnancy

Stacy and Ryan struggled to get pregnant with 2nd pregnancy for about 6 months before going to see a specialist. The specialist coached her basically on how to start tracking her cycle, and within that month she became pregnant. Stacy and Ryan were blessed with not only 1 baby, but with twins! No IVF, and no twins in her family. Just getting to know her body a bit better and beginning to see that there are indeed rhythms to it, when you slow down enough to pay attention to those rhythms. And having the exposure to learn a little more about your body’s rhythms is the first step.

Using the Daily Rhythms Tracker is on way to begin to observe your own body’s rhythms so that you can begin to align with them and live with more ease by using them to your advantage.


Cancer Journey

Being in the healthcare industry, Stacy will be the first to admit that she and others in the industry can be some of the worst patients when it comes to getting things that are out of the norm checked out. Or even doing the routine health checks that they know are so beneficial, but Stacy typically made it a priority to do her home self-breast exams. At her annual exam in July of 2021, Stacy had a normal bill of health including breast exam from her physician. And by August, it was a different story. Stacy found a lump when doing her monthly self-breast exam which led to her discovering that she had stage 3 metastatic breast cancer that had advanced to the lymph nodes. And from there she began the long journey of attacking the cancer and helping her body heal.

Only a few months after her cancer was discovered, Stacy’s mom also discovered she had breast cancer and would begin her own battle with breast cancer, albeit on a different scale than Stacy’s.


Coping with Breast Cancer

Stacy’s faith in God and Jesus is the anchor that has pulled her through her battle with cancer. She credits having a daily morning routine of spending time with God through devotions as the thing that helps her start her day with gratitude and the mindset she needs to keep fighting.

She continued to work and exercise regularly throughout her cancer treatments in order to stay connected with her body and have an outlet for the excess mental-emotional energy having cancer brings.


Best time of cycle to do self-care checks:

Start using the Daily Rhythms Tracker to know when to do these crucial checks.

  • Self- Breast Exam: Day 7
  • Pap Test: Mid-cycle

Helping Her Kids Learn to Balance Strength and Compassion

Strength to show up for family even when it was hard and when she wanted to give up, she knew she had to show them that she was willing to fight so she they could see their mommy get better.


Stacy’s Inspiration and Guidance for Others

  • “Don’t give up. Lean on the words of others and find the silver lining in every day.”
  • Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others when they need you.

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For recommendations for early detection of breast cancer, check out the American Cancer Society or the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

To know where you are in your cycle, download the Daily Rhythms Tracker.

For recommendations for regular pap screening, check out the National Cancer Institute.

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