#53: How to Work with Growing Energy, Energetic Rhythms Phase 2

Nov 3, 2022 | Energetic Rhythms, Energetic Rhythms, Mindset, Podcast

Your Energetic Rhythms show you exactly when to rest and when to take action so you don’t have to overthink life and work; yet, if you disregard even one phase of these rhythms, burnout, feeling scattered or perpetually stuck in life is bound to happen.  The second phase of your Energetic Rhythms Cycle is often where those feelings originate.

If Phase 1 of your Energetic Rhythms Cycle, or Setting Intentions + Rest + Surrender, is like gathering the seeds of hope for what you want your life to look, sound and feel like, then Phase 2, Preparation + Growth, is the planting of the seeds and emergence that happens as you begin to move towards those intentions you set.

Last Week:

Phase 1: Intention Setting + Rest/Surrender/Acceptance

  • Talked mostly about intention-setting, but also know that rest/surrender/acceptance are just as important part of the phase.
  • Intention-setting ritual (daily or monthly) – creating space to gain insight and clarity
  • You set intentions so your actions align with the experience you want to have and create in life.
  • If you missed last week’s episode, head on back and listen, or if you haven’t set intentions yet, print off the worksheet and start there.

Every project you do or encounter, can be divided up into these phases.  And each month, you can begin to plan your energy around these phases once you have an idea of your energetic rhythms—download Daily Rhythms Tracker


When you feel the shift in energy that comes after feeling an inward pull or lower emotional time, you could be moving into Phase 2 of your Energetic Rhythms Cycle; here’s how you can maximize the energy you have so you remain focused and energetic with your time. 

Phase 2:  Preparation + Growth (Transition)

Lunar and Menstrual Cycle alignment

  • Waxing moon -> Day 3 until peak energy around full moon
  • Menstrual Cycle -> after first 3-7 days of cycle depending on how you feel or days 8-14 if a 28 day cycle


  • Growing energy
  • Tendency to over-plan or become overly ambitious
  • Great time to brainstorm, create and initiate
  • Confident & outgoing
  • Positive outlook + faith things will work out
  • Movement in the direction you want to go
  • Taking the initial step, making plans
  • Transition – a lot of unknowns in this phase and that can make you feel very scattered because projects aren’t necessarily getting done

Length of this phase

  • Dependent on project, but goes until project is actually released out into the world or action is taken on getting it done


  • Buying paint to paint a room or house
  • Buying a yoga mat or workout clothes
  • Outlining project
  • Contacting someone to do the work for you or to get estimates or help you with a project – yes, delegating is indeed part of this process and it’s OK  and wonderful to invite in the help of others


Challenges** (+ how to overcome them)

**Greatest opportunity/potential to work on self

1.  Over-commit – get too ambitious

a.  Set S.M.A.R.T. goals based on intentions.

b.  Know and explore your limits—get to know your inner guidance enough that you know when something is a “yes” because it’s in alignment with your highest good or when it’s a “yes” because you just really want it in the moment/

c.  Get used to saying “no” when something isn’t in alignment with your highest good – listen when your Inner Guidance is saying no, and overrule the “should” that might want to come out as a yes—that’s your inner critic or inner protector.


2.  Scattered/unfocused -> excited about ALL. THE. THINGS.

a.  Make sure you’ve set intentions, then refer back to them (remember only 1-3, no more!)

b.  Time to be more clear on scheduling or time-blocking –so you’re scheduling in time on your calendar to actually work on specific things that align with your intentions and goals.

c.  Pomodoro method (25 minutes of work, 5 minutes break, every 4 Pomodoros take 15-30 minute break.

d.  Do best work first thing in the morning + work on most important project first—the one that’s going to give you the biggest ROI (this might even be something as simple as your self-care so that you can focus better the rest of the day)

e.  Practice Mindfulness – Mindfulness is simply paying attention to what’s happening right now, in this moment.  It’s not about getting something right or wrong, it’s just practice!  Practicing a loving and kind way of looking at your experience in this present moment. Those 5 minute Pomodoro breaks are an ideal time to just pause for mindfulness –deep breathing, 5 senses awareness, etc.


3.  Stuck in Motion (check out Episode #50: Stuck in Motion for more details)

a.  This is where those of you out there who are self-reliant, do-it-yourself gals or guys often struggle—you ignore the fact delegation is good and that can often get you stuck.

b.  Coaching: perfectionism or fears, what would it look like, possible next steps

c.  Shine the light 6 feet in front of you and ask “what is the next thing I need to do to move forward?” It doesn’t have to be the end result, just the next thing.


Most Important things to remember about this phase

Growing energy means is often the catalyst to get things started—it’s taking the first step, getting the ball rolling b/c the creative juices start flowing.

Use this time of your energetic rhythms cycle to your benefit to start taking action on the big things.

When you look at the big picture…crucial that you set intentions 1st, so you can stay focused when this energy arrives.  If you miss that part of the cycle, you’re sure to feel scattered.

You Energetic Rhythms show you exactly when to rest and when to take action so you don’t have to overthink life and work.  And if you disregard any one phase of these rhythms, you’re on the fast track to burnout or being perpetually stuck. 

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