#55: When to Wrap Up and Celebrate, Energetic Rhythms Phase 4

Nov 17, 2022 | Energetic Rhythms, Podcast

This last phase of your Energetic Rhythms Cycle is all about completing and celebrating, and is just as essential to recognize and move through as the others, yet it’s one of the most commonly ignored phases.

Phase 1:  Intention Setting + Rest/Surrender/Acceptance (Beginning of cycle)

Phase 2:  Preparation + Growth (Transition)

Phase 3: Intentional Work + Thriving (Peak of cycle)

Phase 4:  Releasing + Finishing (Wrap up) + Celebrating (Transition)


Seasons: Each phase mirrors a season and the characteristics of that season

              Phase 1:  Intention-setting + Rest/Surrender = Winter

              Phase 2: Make a Plan + Start Taking Action = Spring

              Phase 3:  Intentional Action + Begin Releasing = Summer

              Phase 4:  Harvesting + Celebrating = Fall


Lunar & Menstrual Cycle Alignment

      • Waning Moon -> after peak of full moon, when moon begins to get smaller
      • Luteal-> end of menstrual cycle, time or week before period begins (days 22-28)


      • Harvesting, finishing (things come to fruition)
      • Naturally turn inward and begin to reduce outward interactions
      • Elimination, decluttering of those areas of life no longer needed
      • Cleansing of negative energy
      • Moving inward–reflection and evaluation, especially on negative aspects of lives that need to change
      • Reflection
      • Manifestations happen
      • Inner guidance/wisdom strongest
      • Frequent & vivid dreams
      • Barrier between conscious and unconscious/seen and unseen thinner
      • A time to celebrate the work done over the past cycle – GRATITUDE
      • Preparing for a reset (Phase 1)

How to apply to your daily life – what does this look like on a day-to-day basis

      • Routine tasks that don’t require much collaboration with others
      • Part of your day in which you begin wrapping things up
        • End of day reflection + gratitude
        • Wind down time
        • Responding to necessary emails that have come in throughout the day so you can clear them out
        • Work on projects or things that require little creativity (some find more creativity in evening hours though)
      • NOT part of your day when you are
        • Starting new projects
        • Reading emails that are going to lead you to begin new things

How to apply to your monthly Energetic Rhythms Cycle

      • Declutter environment
      • Declutter virtual environment (emails, old documents, images, etc.)
      • Complete tasks/projects–evaluate intentions set at beginning of month & reflect
      • Routine tasks that don’t require much collaboration with others
      • Ideal time for routine tasks that can be done without others & require little creativity
      • Reflect and evaluate — most in tune with inner guidance and what needs to be released from life–intuitive right brain more active
      • Ideal time to do deep self-work that brings about healing— easier to access inner guidance and what is most important in our lives
      • Begin considering plan for upcoming cycle
      • Celebrate work that has been done over past cycle

Challenges + How to overcome

1.  Anxiousness + overwhelm could be present

    • Take more time to nurture yourself—begin slowing down schedule, spend more time nurturing yourself
    • Evaluate what actually needs to be done to continue moving toward intentions or feel more complete on your journey towards them
    • Give yourself manageable things to finish in regards to your intentions

2.  Often disregarded or ignored – keeps you from actually completing a cycle, leaves you feeling the weight of whatever is left undone still hanging on you

    • Consciously plan when you want to finish projects
    • Set a done for the day (or project) benchmark so know when to give yourself permission to stop and move on

Living with Your Energetic Rhythms

It all requires another level of intentionality that ultimately helps you see areas of yourself that maybe need to be addressed.  Some of it is creating new habits, which, admittedly, can be challenging, but do-able when the timing is right for you.

Living this way is all a practice.  There’ll be times when it comes easily and life really does feel like its flowing and others where you fall back into old patterns and life begins to feel more challenged again. And it’s OK! 

It’s just like in yoga when your mind begins to wander away from what you’re doing on your mat, you gently guide it back to the present moment, your breath and the sensation in your body, and begin again with mindfulness.  No judgement. 

When you practice this way of living, you begin to release the hold on the expectation that things must go a certain way, and instead invite yourself to flow with the emotional and energetic ups and downs that life brings…the emotional and energetic ups and downs that come with the changing of the moon.

So that you are finally feeling more at ease with your time, energy and focus even when unexpected things come up.


Health Harmony Happiness Takeaways:

  1. Health – Spend extra time nurturing & connecting with yourself during this phase
  2. Harmony – Finish projects to declutter them to create space for the new and fresh
  3. Happiness – Celebrate the ending of a cycle…it can be as simple as acknowledging and appreciating it

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