#58: Permission to Allow the Uncomfortable

Dec 8, 2022 | Mindset, Podcast

Flowing with life doesn’t just mean just moving in a straight line – it means moving WITH the ups and downs.

Disclosure: If these feelings last longer than a few days, and are regularly consistent in your life, then it might be time to seek out professional help from someone who can work with you on prescribing something and/or provide talk therapy to help you cope with the feelings.

What these days look like for me

When I’m having heavy days that are likely laden with anxiety (unconscious or conscious) I am met with shallow breathing, feeling constricted, an unfocused mind, “itchy” inside, feeling literally heavy and even a heaviness in my chest and energy.  I’m more irritable and want to distance myself from everyone.

What do they look and feel like for you?


No solution or thing to try to get rid of it today, but rather just have permission to feel that way and trust that it will pass; a good night’s sleep may help…it usually does for me. Although sometimes the anxious breathing lasts a few days even when consciously I don’t believe there is anything that would be bothering me.

Sometimes is the astrological alignment (which is always moving and shifting, so be patient if this is playing a role), sometimes it’s unconscious thoughts that create this feeling and it takes some digging into to realize what might be causing it, and sometimes is just life’s circumstances. Perhaps you’re going through a tough season with your kids, spouse, family, work, friends, whatever it may be, it may be just hitting you wrong on that particular day.

Being Uncomfortable

It’s OK to feel uncomfortable…even to move towards the uncomfortable.

Growth and change don’t happen in the comfortable. You have to get uncomfortable to get a different outcome.

And sometimes that means you have heavy days or days that you feel super anxious or even days that you just feel grumpy. Allow yourself to really feel whatever it is that you’re feeling–sit with it, even if it is uncomfortable and say “yes” to it. Give it space to breathe and dissipate whenever it’s ready. Explore the uncomfortable feelings when you’re ready, whether it be with a coach or in your journal.

It’s OK to have these days – let them happen – no sense in getting down on yourself if you have a day like this and it causes you to not make as much progress in life as you want to or expect of yourself.

Feel Your Feelings

Flowing doesn’t just mean moving in a straight line – it means moving WITH the ups and downs.

Adapting. Allowing. Even when it feels icky.

Open energy flows. Closed energy stays stuck.

So lay in bed, distance yourself, be grumpy or sad or irritable. Let the tears flow. We all need those days sometimes. Trust that you are feeling exactly what you need to be feeling to bring you back to homeostasis, or your “normal.”

Moving On

And when you’re ready to move on from that, come back to your spiritual practices, those ones we talked about last week. They’re always there for you.


Health – You need to feel all your feelings–the ones that feel good AND the ones that feel yucky.

Harmony – Open energy flows, closed stays stuck.

Happiness – When you allow yourself to have these days, instead of trying to fight them, you’re teaching yourself contentment in all situations. 

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