#60: How to Align with Your Energy with Amber Diehm Heuer

Dec 22, 2022 | Energetic Rhythms, Podcast, Self-Care, Spirituality

Shielding wants us to align with what’s in our good, not protect us from what could be bad.

This original interview was a Live in the Facebook community Energetic Rhythms for Intentional Living and was actually done in 2020. 

Join Amber Diehm Heuer and me as we talk shielding techniques to guard yourself against someone else’s “junk,” and instead align with your highest good.

What is Shielding or Aligning Your Energy

You know when you walk into a room and can just feel the tension or sense that something is off but can’t place your finger on it? Likely it’s negative or stagnant energy.

And if you’re having a great day, you don’t want that to bring you down!

Learn some easy things you can do to avoid taking on someone else’s negative energy AND giving off your negative energy.

Shielding can be associated with a fear-based way of living in the sense that it is assuming that something bad is going to happen or that you may take on some negative energy. However, with the simple reframe that it instead helps you align with what’s in your highest good, you can use shielding to empower you and to build confidence and trust.

Aligning your energy with your highest good may mean aligning yourself with your highest health, with your highest harmony and with your ultimate happiness.

“It’s not about resisting something, blocking something or shutting something out.” Amber

Shielding wants us to align with what’s in our good, not protect us from what could be bad.

It’s about being proactive instead of reactive so that you can create the best possible outcome in whatever scenario you are in. And by doing so you are standing in your power and owing your own space in this world.

The Energy You Feel

From the people you are around every day to the astrological bodies like the moon and planets and to your own hormones moving through your body, they’re all forces of energy that have the potential to impact you. They are all part of your own energy system. So the trick is in learning and discovering how to use those energies to your benefit instead of feeling the need to block or guard against them.

Amber shares with us that you have the power to choose how to receive energy from others–to allow energetic exchanges to be expansive or constricting.

But if for some reason you haven’t done this and realize you’ve taken on some energy that is affecting you negatively, you can also employ some clearing techniques to rid yourself of the unresourceful energy so that you can realign with energy that is more resourceful for you.

Rituals are “automatic, but decisive patterns of behavior for what you are about to do or what you want to happen.” Twila Tharp, The Creative Habit

Create a “Highest Good” Ritual

Create a ritual around preparing yourself for what’s to happen, whether that’s at the start of the day or before a stress-inducing situation. By doing so, you’re creating the opportunity for the alignment with your highest good.

The ritual can then be done at any point when you know you need to prepare or reset your energy. By being proactive about practicing a “highest good” ritual, you essentially create an anchor (positive form or a trigger) that you can reactivate or go back to with a simple gesture or even just the thought of it. It keeps you out of reactivity and allows you to approach any situation with more mindfulness so that when you are struck off guard with energy that doesn’t serve you, you can quickly clear and reset your own energy.

Amber shares some great tips for creating your own ritual(s) for aligning with your highest good, including

  • Starting your day
  • How to make tough decisions
  • Visualizations
  • Setting or clarifying boundaries
  • Preparing for interactions with others

It’s all an experiment…practice and it becomes more habitual. 

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