#61: The Truth Behind Your Aches and Pains

Dec 29, 2022 | Health, Mindset, Podcast

Your mind and body are one, and not separate as we have been led to believe.

What happens in one is a direct reflection of the other. And when it comes to dis-ease or discomfort in your physical body it’s likely that it’s trying to get you to pay attention to something in your mental or emotional awareness as well.

Discomfort is stuck energy; stuck energy can’t flow, instead it builds up and causes discomfort.

The truth behind your aches and pains

There are times in my life when my body has been communicating with me and I’ve not been listening.

Even times when it’s speaking to me and I know it is, and yet, unconsciously I’m not able to respond as fully as I would want in order to remedy the discomfort.

Like a persistent back ache or plantar fascitis or even discomfort with your menstrual cycle–cramps, back pain, headache. I’ve experienced all these and know from this experience that during times of heightened mental stress, they are much worse. They are telling me I need to connect with something else it’s trying to tell me.

All these discomforts or aches and pains are messengers your body uses to communicate with you. Sometimes we’ve had the aches and pains so long that they’ve just become a part of who we are.

Discomforts or aches and pains are messengers

  • They become a part of us after so long, as though they’ve taken up residence, even at times.
      • Believe they are just going to be around
      • Mind and body are 1 and not separate…
      • Body is the outward reflection of what’s happening in the mind
        • With the exception of the aches and pains caused by deterioration because of ignored unhealthy belief patterns
  • Thoughts then create these aches and pains
      • Thoughts can be changed and healed, just like your body can.
      • Change the way you think and the aches and pains could potentially go away
  • Example:  Painful periods (menstruation)
      • Under stress, this is how the body responds
      • Stems from a belief: Reflection of hatred of yourself or of the body
      • To heal: Remove the stress and start to embrace who you are as a woman and all your rhythms
          • Not the case for everyone–those diagnosed with PCOS or other menstrual related problems, yet its likely that those have their roots in beliefs as well
      • May take longer–takes time to change beliefs
      • May take working with a coach to help you understand beliefs that could be causing issues and work through thoughts and beliefs

This is 1 of the things I do with clients–not always just in regards to periods, but to your body communicating with you

I offer Integrative Yoga & Coaching sessions to help clients begin to use yoga as the tool for body awareness that deepens the connection with what the aches and pains could be related to.

To me, body awareness, which yoga teaches us, is knowing and feeling the slight changes/shifts in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic self.

So those aches and pains that have become a part of you and often go unrecognized or even repeatedly symptomatically treated through chiropractic care, massage, even yoga or other modalities that may not help you specifically address the root are good because they start to introduce to you the body awareness, but until you are able to connect the dots by digging to actual root cause, those aches and pains are going to remain a part of you.

First have to have the body awareness, and Integrative Yoga + Coaching is the tool that helps you do that.


Yoga for body awareness – Maya Kosha Model


    • Become aware of the physical 1st through movement & postures
    • Tune into muscle or joint soreness in the moment
    • Aches and pains that you have grown accustomed to
    • Notice postures that you aren’t feeling a sensation in which you should be–sensory motor amnesia


    • Breath – notice what it’s doing and can begin to posture it to how you want to feel–altering the in or out breath depending on if you want to feel calmer or more energetic
    • Changes how spirit interacts with world

Mental – Emotional, Senses

    • Next become aware of emotional
    • Calms nervous system
    • Body awareness is the first level of encountering our feelings.
    • First have to be able to feel what’s happening in your body

Wisdom – Conscience, Judgement

    • Calms racing thoughts – can use mantra to focus
    • Can connect aches and pains with real issues going on in mind
    • Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions

Spiritual – it encompasses all the elements of health combined–impacted by all the above elements

    • Activation or relaxation of the power of will
    • Ability to adapt and surrender to the present moment
    • The presence you bring to a situation.
    • Changes your experience with the aches and pains you come to anticipate or even that you just live with because you think you have to

Your body awareness, which yoga teaches you on a primitive level, is knowing and feeling the slight changes/shifts in your physical, energetic, mental, and emotional self.



When you start considering your mind-body relationship like this as though it is a bodymind instead of being separate…

1. Health – The way you look at your health will change drastically, because you’ll start to embody the idea that your physical symptoms are actually your minds way and maybe even your soul’s way of communicating with you.

2. Harmony – You might begin to have more compassion for whatever discomfort or pain is bothering you because you might actually start to realize that it’s trying to get you to get in touch with a deeper part of yourself. There can’t be harmony in your body unless there’s harmony in your mind as well.

3. Happiness – And when you address whatever is out of harmony, listen to what you really need, you’ll have a more fulfilling life and learn contentedness even in the midst of challenges.

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