#62: Clearing Out the Clutter with Krista Lockwood

Jan 5, 2023 | Energetic Rhythms, Podcast

Decluttering aligns with the 3rd and 4th phases of your Energetic Rhythms Cycle.

Full moon time is an ideal time to begin clearing out the clutter in your life; and there just so happens to be one tomorrow! 

With the holidays just over, you’ve likely got even more stuff now than you did before and you’re trying to figure out where it’s all going to go. But perhaps organization is what is needed, perhaps it’s actually time to say goodbye to some of the things in your life that you really don’t need taking up space or creating stagnant energy in your life keeping you stuck or feeling overwhelmed much of the time.

Everything holds energy–inanimate and animate–and all energy has the potential to affect you. And when you fill the space of your home, desk, car, and life with physical things, all that energy impacts your mental and emotional health. But you likely may not even realize that until you begin to clear out the physical. 

It’s when you begin to clear out the physical clutter in your life, that the space to begin examining your inner clutter begins to reveal itself. 

Krista Lockwood is a decluttering expert. She is a mom of 5 who helps other moms declutter without becoming a full blown minimalist! 

In this episode we talk…

1. How decluttering is the most basic level of support you can give yourself 

2. How decluttering impacts our energy/feelings 

3. Decluttering as a spiritual practice


Everything has energy. And when you hold onto too much stuff, it’s energy can have an adverse affect on your energy.

Whether it’s stuck energy or energy that’s flowing everything in life contributes to the energy we feel and experience around us. And the energy of the things around us can even contribute to whether we feel stuck or in flow in our lives.

And it’s the reason why 2 of the phases of your Energetic Rhythms involve releasing and getting rid of.

As you know, you were designed to move through a cycle of planting, growing, thriving and harvesting, just like nature. And when any 1 of these phases is missed, you’re likely no the fast track to burnout or at least living in a constant state of exhaustion, scattered thinking and feeling like there just isn’t enough time.

And one area of your energetic rhythms that I’ve found people often get tripped up on is actually in the letting go of things–both physical, and mental-emotional. And another way of saying letting go is decluttering. And that has everything to do with what we’re talking about today.

Decluttering aligns with the 3rd and 4th passes of your Energetic Rhythms. And I’ve long believed that everything has energy and contributes to or hinders or flow. Whether it’s how furniture is arranged or the piles of stuff that accumulate around the house. It all has an energy.

The stuff you have around you and that you hold onto, in a way keeps us feeling safe because it can be used as armor to protect us from turning inside and bringing our inside out. It all holds energy, whether it is in the stuff itself or the way it is arranged in your house. It contributes to whether or not you feel stuck in life or whether or not you can flow through life.

And because we experience life in different layers, the first being environment, when you begin to change your environment, it opens the pathway to changing the next layer and the next and the next, which ultimately leads to impacting who you are in life and what you are here for. And that’s exactly what Krista was sharing with us. Clearing things out and having whitespace in your home creates whitespace in your mind. And whitespace leads to you looking at things in a different way; perhaps exploring things that are causing suffering in your life and gaining the courage and confidence to deal with them.



  1. Health – By decluttering and clearing out space in your environment, you’re impacting you ability to tap into things that will enhance your physical, emotional and mental health.
  1. Harmony – When you honor the releasing phase of your energetic rhythms, and get rid of things that are no longer serving you, you offer up the opportunity for connection in a new or different way–creating a more harmonious environment instead of one that leads to tension or chaotic feelings because of all the stuff that is around you.
  1. Happiness – And ultimately, this creates more fulfilling relationships, whether it’s with yourself or with others. And those fulfilling relationships create contentment and happiness in your life.

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