#66: What’s Behind Your Do-it-all Nature with Deb Blum

Feb 9, 2023 | Podcast

Being a do-it-all person means you know how to get stuff done, but it often comes at the expense of other things or people, yourself included. 

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When you have a do-it-all personality, it can be hard to come to the realization that you can’t do it all all the time.  At some point, the cycling between extreme exhaustion and burnout catches up to you and a shift has to be made. And when that shift involves a self-understanding journey, that’s when personal change begins to happen in one of two ways. 

One could easily just stop cycling between those two states by giving up completely, throwing in the towel and continuing to foster the resentment that they likely feel because “others just aren’t doing as much as they are.”


Or, they could choose the path of understanding what’s underneath the masks and desires to try to do everything and stay busy all the time. The path that helps them become more aware so that they can begin living more intentionally.


For various reasons many of us, when we become adults, feel the need to do everything, but in all reality, there’s a couple key elements that spur us to become “do-it-all” humans. And these things are all very closely related, and likely a product of trying to protect ourselves from the time we were young humans.

In this episode, my coach, Deb Blum, shares her take on what’s behind your do-it-all nature.



Three of the root causes of believing you need to “do it all”:

  1. Masks and blockages we created over the years from trauma, conditioning, & socialization
  2. Unmet Childhood Needs – feeling not enough + feeling like we’re too much
  3. Ego defense mechanism


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