#69: Three Essentials to Make Transitions Effortless, Part 2

Mar 2, 2023 | Podcast

Transitions are one of the toughest things both in life and on the yoga mat, yet you can indeed train yourself to make them easy and maybe even effortless.

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Last Week…

Transitions are tough because you are grieving the loss of the way things used to be–the habit you are trying to change; the old way of living or nature to the new way of living or being (even if it’s temporary)I took you through a little visualization to reveal to you a bit of the process we all got through when transitioning.  If you missed last week’s episode, you can catch it here.


Transitions are happening all the time

From everyday moments to the larger times in life–job changes, menopause, retirement, adding children to your family, marriages.

We also feel the pull of nature’s transitions through the seasons.

And the cosmic or astrological transitions with the moon and even the planets.

It’s natural that they can sometimes feel clunky and awkward or frustrating and rigid rather than smooth and effortless, flowing. But it is possible to create a way of being that makes transitions more effortless, whether they are big or small and whether they are tangible or energetic.


To first get to the place of effortless action when approaching a transition, there are 3 key things that need to be included:

1. Practice & a Plan

It takes time, and is like developing any habit.  Creating a pattern helps the habit stick–which means you have to have a plan as to how you’re going to move through the transition (sometimes this isn’t obvious until you start to take steps to move through it–you discover what works and what needs to shift or change and when you need to look for new methods).

You also need reminders – community or accountability partner.  This is where surrounding your people

You’re not going to do it perfect, and that’s OK.  You are deconditioning the old pattern or way of doing things.

The more consistently you do it, the better you’ll get at it.  One of my daughter’s teachers tells them “practice makes permanent,” and it couldn’t be more true.  A children’s book we read recently also said “practice makes better, and everyone can get better.”


2. Growth Mindset

Taking ownership of thoughts and actions – “I” statements instead of “you” or generalized statements (3rd phase of my F.L.O.W. process)

Belief in self and that it’s possible to do whatever you want to be doing, and an openness to do things differently.

Intention or vision of how you want the transition to go or the outcome you want on the other side of the transition.

Motivation – internal or external.  Internal is likely going to make the new habit or way of doing things stick.


3. Surrender to the natural process of life (flow)

The universe’s pace is the exact right pace; your pace is what causes stress.

Be clear on your boundaries and limits , then allow the flow to happen.


The hope is that on the other side of the transition, you have elevated yourself in some way, have created more self-confidence, and more ease and flow in your life…no matter what the transition is.



  1. Practice & a Plan
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Surrender to the natural flow of events in life


Intention-setting Worksheet – When you want to be more intentional about any transition, it can be helpful to have a plan.  Use this worksheet to do just that.

To know where you are in your Energetic Rhythms Cycle, download the Daily Rhythms Tracker.

I talk with Chris Gordon more about Growth Mindset in episode #20: Your Attitude Creates your Mindset. Check it out here.

Join the Energetic Rhythms for Intentional Living community here.

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