#75: Gratitude, the Practice of Being “Blessed”

Apr 13, 2023 | Podcast

 You can hang a “blessed” sign in your house, but it takes work to actually embody that 1 little word.

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Blessed can be a sign that you hang on your wall, but isn’t really thought of as much more than a decoration for others to see. But what would your life look like if you actually were putting that sign into action?

When you’re trying to do all the things and stuck in “doing” mode, it can be real easy to begin to live in a trance of negativity or even blame because life feels so full and heavy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of the world and to say we’re “grateful” for various opportunities or things in life, but because life can be so full and busy, it can be hard to actually make the time to cultivate a gratitude practice in life. You can hang a “blessed” sign in your house, but it takes work to actually embody that 1 little word.

Blessed is often put in the same breath as being grateful. In a sense they go together. Gratitude is not only the practice of identifying blessings, but also actively honoring them. And in order to do that, reflection is necessary.



Reflection comes in in Phase 4 and 1 of the Energetic Rhythms or Productivity cycle–pause, and consider what there is to celebrate then reflect again as you set intentions to move forward

And if you’re going all the time, not ever pausing, or not being intentional about the way you approach life, then you’re likely not actually or embodying those gratitudes or blessings within your soul, thus not actually honoring them.


Creating a gratitude practice

Gratitude is sometimes a word that is just thrown around, but it truly is important in cultivating not only health, harmony and happiness in life, but also joy.

It has been shown scientifically to directly correlate with increasing joy in life.

Gratitude is a way of taking stock of what you appreciate in life. What you’re thankful for without shame or guilt attached to it.

It’s opening your heart.


Creating & living with a grateful heart

Shame, blame and trauma – If you were someone who has been made to feel like you’re not worthy of feeling grateful for what you have or have been made to feel bad about any good that comes into your life, it might be hard to be OK with expressing gratitude.

Acceptance – Gratitude nurtures trust and surrender to the natural flow of events in life.


How to Cultivate Gratitude

  • Gratitude Journal/Blessings Journal
  • Share at the dinner table or at bedtime (fosters connection with family as well)
  • Common place in home to write down weekly blessings/gratitudes
  • Yoga, meditation, contemplation

More ways to cultivate in Episode #19: Cultivating Gratitude



Invitation or nudge to see what one week of being intentional about genuine gratitude in your life might do for you. My guess is, it will slow you down a bit and, on those hard days, might even prompt you to consider the smallest of things in your life that you can give thanks for.


To know where you are in your Energetic Rhythms Cycle, download the Daily Rhythms Tracker.

Atlas of the Heart – Brene Brown

Counting My Little Blessing Blog

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