#76: How to Create Your Own Intention-setting Ritual

Apr 20, 2023 | Podcast

You’ve heard me talk about setting intentions as a key step in being able to flow with life, but what does that actually look like and why does it even matter?

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In today’s episode, learn:

  1. What an Intention-setting Ritual is
  2. Why you need it to flow with life
  3. How to create your own


What an Intention-setting Ritual is

Intention – A choice to move consciously towards doing something or creating a particular way of being in life; choosing how to approach or live out something.

Intention-setting – A conscious effort to move in the direction you want to go – claiming your power to flow with life even when life feels like it’s it’s pushing against you.

Why “ritual”

  • Gives it meaning and purpose (Episode #73)
  • Creates a meaningful space to do something
  • A sacred way of putting your spirit and authenticity into a habit to give it more meaning in your life. An intentional act that results from an increase in the amount of attention or energy you put into it.

Intentions are more sensed, than consciously chosen.

They’re not about DOING and checking things off your list necessarily, although they may be


First phase of Energetic Rhythms or Productivity Cycle

New moon or withinfirst three days of menstrual cycle.

For the upcoming 4-5 weeks (cycle length)



No right or wrong way – worksheet gives a guided format.

Step 1

Create your own formula to keep your interest:

  • Music
  • Sound
  • Scents
  • Setting
  • Schedule it/Set it on your calendar as a reminder (eventually becomes habit)

Can write or draw–use worksheet or your own notebook/journal.


Step 2

Decide on 1-3 things you’d like to move towards or keep in your awareness (quiet your over-achiever).  These are not action-steps, they are more a way of being.


Step 3

After you have sensed intentions, jot down specific milestone steps you need to take to align with the intention.


Step 4

Create affirmation or mantra to go with each intention or for the month as a whole


Anchoring: Whatever involves your senses is going to help anchor not only the intentions but also the ritual you create them in (make them stick).
Use tools and thoughts to activate your visual, auditory, kinesthetic (felt), smell and taste


Step 5

Visualize–the more clearly you can see yourself aligning with the intentions, the more likely you will actually align with them.


Step 6

Let go of attachment



Revisit at Full Moon and end of cycle.  Reflect throughout cycle & jot down celebrations as you have them.

Take note of things to consider for next cycle throughout the cycle.  Then start all over!



This ritual is done monthly, but the same ritual could be used weekly to prepare for the week and even a mini version daily to prep for the day.

The productivity cycle can be zoomed out for longer periods of time or dialed in for shorter periods of time like a day or even for specific project.

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