#79: ADHD and Your Nervous System with Tracy Nolin Beerman

Jun 15, 2023 | Podcast

ADHD is seemingly a much more common thing for adults, especially moms, to be diagnosed with. 

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As mom, we have so much going on in our brains and often it can feel like it’s very hard to focus on all of them, even more so if you have ADHD.


In this episode, learn:

  1. What ADHD is
  2. How to explore whether you have it or not
  3. How ADHD impacts your nervous system and emotional regulation


Understanding ADHD and Its Impact:

ADHD is a neurological condition characterized by attention regulation challenges, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. My guest, Tracy Nolin Beerman, helps moms with ADHD declutter their minds and forge an empowered path forward through her powerful workshops, courses, programs and the Vision Driven Mom With ADHD podcast, even if they have a million other things in their brilliant, unique minds. 
Tracy emphasizes that ADHD should not be seen as a deficit but as “creative intentionality,” as individuals with ADHD process information differently. Different subtypes of ADHD exist, including hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and combined types, and the experience varies for each individual.

Diagnosing ADHD:

Tracy says an initial way to discover if you might have symptoms of ADHD could be to do some research online or take a self-assessment, but recommends seeking a formal diagnosis to gain valuable information and determine the best course of action for you as an individual if you are diagnosed with ADHD.
It is crucial to distinguish ADHD from other conditions to ensure appropriate treatment and support.

The Influence of Hormones and Energy on ADHD:

ADHD symptoms can be influenced by your Energetic Rhythms, including hormonal fluctuations that you experience throughout your menstrual cycle. Sensitivity to the moon’s cycles and external energy can intensify ADHD symptoms, making it challenging to maintain focus and productivity.
Why the increase in ADHD diagnoses:
The increase in ADHD diagnoses, especially among moms and adults could be due to a number of factors. Awareness that this condition can and does exist in adults and not just children has certainly played a role in more adults seeking care for ADHD. Another factor that contributed was the pandemic, which played a significant role in this trend, as it brought various challenges to light and disrupted established routines.
Many individuals with ADHD engage in masking, an adaptive mechanism to fit into a world designed for neurotypical people, which ultimately doesn’t work and leaves them feeling inadequate and frustrated. The pandemic-induced changes in daily life exposed the difficulties faced by those with ADHD, leading to more people seeking diagnosis and support.

Seeking Support for ADHD:

Tracy advises against relying solely on medication for ADHD management, as it may not address all aspects of the condition. Alongside medication, therapy, life skills training, like what Tracy offers her clients, and adopting effective habits can greatly benefit you if you or someone you love is managing ADHD.
It’s truly important to find personalized strategies to manage ADHD symptoms and create a fulfilling life.


Next episode Tracy and I dive into what some of those strategies might be for you. Tracy shares her unique way to help moms with ADHD manage their symptoms so that they can still get things done, care for themselves, and stay ahead of the emotions that come along with having ADHD and an atypcial nervous system.

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