#8: Putting Intention into Your Attention – LeeAnn Huff

Sep 12, 2019 | Balancing Work and Family, Podcast

If “the grass is greenest wherever you water it,” then finding the balance between owning a business or working full time and being a “present” parent can be tricky.  LeeAnn Huff has some great tips and insights on how to maintain the balance of having 3 young children as well as owning a business/working full time.  By placing intention into whatever is calling for your attention in both work & at home, it is possible to achieve personal goals as well as create the same or better opportunities for your kids.

1.  Outsource/delegate when needed—Know what you’re good with taking on in your life and what you’re not. You can’t be all things to all people…develop the skill of saying “no” when something doesn’t align with your family’s best interest

2.  Utilize technology – Use apps to connect with friends for social health and Google calendar for household scheduling

3.  Disconnect for “reconnect” time – Model healthy electronic habits & set a house rule of no phones (for scrolling or work) while the kids are awake

4.  Release the need to “own” things you can’t control i.e. how someone else feels – own how you treat others & how you make them feel

It’s the honesty with herself that ultimately creates the most Health, Harmony & Happiness in LeeAnn’s life.  By knowing herself and creating the best possible intentions through this self-awareness for both her business and family, she ensures there is enough “water” to go around so that both her business and family can flourish.


LeeAnn owns Chiropractic Health Center in Knoxville, Iowa where she &  her staff have a mission to make the community a healthier place!

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