83: Navigating Your Inner Critic & Resentment

Aug 10, 2023 | Harmony, Podcast

Your inner critic is the opposite of your inner guidance and she or he usually has it out for you, especially when she brings along resentment. But it’s not always a bad thing when she shows up.

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When the Inner Critic Stops by for a Visit 

When your Inner Critic stops by and brings along resentment for the ride, everyone around you, including yourself, might want to run for the hills.  Your Inner Critic is a potent internal voice that starts manifesting itself as moments of anxiety, casting a shadow over your desire for inner tranquility. It’s a shared trait for many of us to redirect this energy into work, using productivity as a shield against inner unrest.


Peeling Back the Layers: Discovering Resentment

Diving into introspection uncovers a layer beyond mere anxiety – the emergence of resentment. A mixture of influences – the new moon’s energy, your current cycle phase, and ongoing transitional periods – come together to sometimes form a perfect storm of emotions. Within this mix, you’ll find a surprising emotion: resentment.

This could be towards your partner, kids, groups or organizations you are a part of or even your own work or hobbies turned work.


Remember that resentment isn’t an emotion unique to you – it’s something we all experience from time to time. Often, it sneaks in when we prioritize serving others, inadvertently sidelining our own needs. Whether it’s in the context of relationships, parenting, or professional pursuits, resentment can find a way to seep into your life.

Nurturing the “Mom Brain” and Addressing Guilt

And if you’re a mom, you’ve got one other element going against you…the persistent “mom brain.” You know it by the endless mental checklist that runs through your head even during moments of relaxation.  And that’s a common time for the resentment to appear, while others are leisurely enjoying downtime and you are choosing to tell yourself the story that you need to keep working and doing all the things that need to be done.


At the core of resentment lies the weighty burden of “shoulds.” The belief that things “should” be different or that you “should” do more adds intensity to your inner turmoil. By embracing these feelings as part of your journey, you can recognize them without self-judgment.

The Dual Nature of the Inner Critic

Surprisingly, your inner critic isn’t a foe to be vanquished – it’s a vital aspect of self-awareness. By illuminating areas in need of growth and transformation, your inner critic nudges you toward self-improvement. Over time, as you heed its lessons, its voice diminishes, allowing your inner guidance, instead, to flourish.

So perhaps consider welcoming the ebb and flow of resentment and the voice of your Inner Critic.

Instead of rushing to suppress it, consider granting it the space to be acknowledged. Through self-reflection, these feelings can pave the way for profound conversations and, ultimately, personal transformation.


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