#85: Why Functional Breathing Matters to Your Rhythms

Sep 7, 2023 | Breathwork, Energetic Rhythms, Podcast

Your breath connects the world within you with the world around you, and breath work can be the tool you use to link your own rhythms and the world’s rhythm so you live in flow instead of chaos.

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The connection between breathwork and our energetic rhythms is a fascinating aspect of mindfulness and balance in life. This episode will explore how breathing exercises can help us slow down, cultivate mindfulness during chaos, and fill us up rather than drain us.


You’ll learn:

1. Why breathwork most certainly is related to your energetic rhythms
2. How breathwork is similar to tracking your rhythms and the rhythms around you
3. How breathwork can be a tool to use to your advantage during your cycle.


Breathwork is a transformative journey that can change how we perceive and interact with life’s most natural process – breathing.


A process that is about more than just inhaling and exhaling; it’s about becoming aware of your energetic rhythms and learning to use them combined with your breath to flow with life. When you become aware of your breathing patterns, you can better regulate your energy levels and tune into what your Inner Guidance is calling for when challenges or discomforts arise so that you can be living in a more parasympathetic or relaxed state more of the time instead of a stressed or more stimulated state that negatively impacts your overall health and wellness.


Breathwork is closely related to your energetic rhythms. Like tracking these rhythms, breathwork can be a powerful tool to use to your advantage. It allows you to slow down your life, creating a new baseline way of living, and helps you become more mindful amidst chaos. It’s also a practice that enables you to be fully present and fills us up instead of draining us, allowing us to take in the world instead of constantly doing.


The best way to know where your breathing baseline currently is, just like learning about your rhythms is to track the natural breathing rhythm that you have fallen into, even if that breathing rhythm is not optimal for your body. We all have a baseline – there is a baseline to your natural, innate rhythms, a baseline to what the seasons do and to what the moon does.  Your breathing is just another rhythm within you that has a baseline.  Knowing your own personal rhythms and the rhythms around you gives you this baseline; and to find that baseline, you first have to begin to track it.


Breathing is a rhythm of its own. When you’re over-breathing through mouth breathing, breathing shallowly, or unconscious breath holding throughout the day as a result of living with low levels of underlying stress, your body becomes accustomed to living with lower levels of energy and fitness. Much of the fatigue that you experience in life is actually likely due to over-breathing.


However, by slowing down your breath and breathing less air, you can begin to balance the pH of your blood and increase your energy levels.


Functional breathing is an essential tool for achieving balance, mindfulness, and enhanced energy rhythms. By becoming more aware of your breathing patterns and learning to control them, you can create a more intentional, mindful, and balanced way of living. Whether you’re interested in improving your health, increasing your happiness, or simply learning more about your energetic rhythms, breathwork offers a unique and powerful approach.


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Guided breathwork sessions can help you become aware of your energetic rhythms and learn to flow with life. They can energize, calm, or relax you, providing an invaluable tool for managing your energy levels. Additionally, these classes offer a special opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to achieving a more balanced, mindful life.


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