#87: Finding Harmony in Life’s Unexpected Challenges

Oct 5, 2023 | Harmony, Podcast

 What does stepping or sitting in pee in the middle of the night on your sleepy bathroom trip have to do with harmony. Listen in to find out…

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It is a common experience for all of us to face imbalances in life. This could range from major life events to minor inconveniences that may seem insignificant, but that do have a profound impact on our mental state and our sense of harmony.

In the spirit of Libra season, which symbolizes balance and harmony, I explore the concept of harmony and how easily it can be disrupted in our lives. Join me as I share a humorous story that involves a late-night trip to the bathroom and offer insights on finding balance even when life throws surprises your way. Discover how to maintain harmony in your life, no matter the challenges.


Episode Transcript:

Yesterday I dodged, sat in or cleaned up pee on or around the toilet 3 times within the span of 12 hours. And one of those times was in the middle of the night.

With 3 young kids, you would think this might be a normal occurrence in our house, but it’s really not  My husband has done a wonderful job teaching and communicating the importance of benign considerate of other when using the bathroom in the middle of the night to our son–praise God for that. And typically, this just hasn’t been much of a problem with the girls except the occasional preschooler mishap…but that’s to be expected.

But yesterday was the exception.  Even after spending a day at the soccer fields and using kaibos all afternoon I didn’t encounter the pee splashes or flat out misses that I did in our home yesterday and last night.

And there’s nothing that breaks up the harmony of a pleasant Sunday afternoon or middle of the night, eyes nearly closed, no lights on trip to the bathroom like sitting in or stepping in pee with barefeet or socks on.  Truly a nuisance…


We are in Libra season which is all about harmony. We might feel a pull to bring things into harmony in our lives or simply become aware of where things are out of harmony personally or around us.  Either way, it’s a time when balance is the center focus.

I like to think of harmony as things working together, in tandem to balance each other out and create flow.  But when flow is disrupted, it has the potential to throw a whole day, month or year off.


Imagine when you were kid or even your own kids now building a dam with sticks or rocks in a stream of water on a rainy day, the water’s fastest path to wherever it’s going is thrown off and it has to find a different way.  It either gets stuck and fills a small pond or lake and when pressure builds enough, floods over the dam creating destruction and chaos.  Or it simply goes around the sticks and rocks placed in front of it with ease and curiosity.  

Either way, it’s seeking harmony and flow, but has to get through the obstruction placed in front of it.  It might be perfectly content in the pond or lake that’s created behind the dam, but if the rain keeps coming and the pressure keeps building, eventually, change has to happen.


Disrupted harmony is kinda like being stuck. You’ve likely experienced this stuck feeling in life…I know I have.  And usually it happens when one element or quality is out of balance…out of harmony.


We talked a bit about harmony in the last episode (check that when this one’s over), and I want to expand a bit more on it here today.  Because when harmony is disrupted in your life, it can be hard to find it again unless you can identify what is out of balance. 

What are the sticks and rocks that are creating the dam in your stream of flow and causing water pressure to build up and stay stuck?

Once you identify those things, you have to have the courage to take the steps to make the changes so that it can come back into balance.  And for some that might be the hardest part, because this is the part that often requires a habit change.  And changing habits can be tough.  Transitions can be tough–there are a few episodes in this podcast about transitions.  


It comes down to mindset and a bit of motivation.

Harmony can be a bit of a paradox like we talked about last week with two seemingly opposite things working together at the same time.  But it can also be thought of as the whole process of flowing.  


We see this harmony modeled to us in God’s love for us.  His power AND compassion communicate that we need these two seemingly different, yet really not so different, qualities in our interactions with others and with ourselves.  The journey is in finding the balance in them. 


It’s what you do or maybe don’t do in order to create that harmony. 


Power and compassion, work and rest, giving and receiving, inhaling and exhaling, masculine and feminine, solar and lunar.  We need both parts of all of these dichotomies to flow.  Too much of only one and our rhythms will be off and harmony disrupted. You might even say it feels like chaos ensues.


The first step is awareness, right? 

So identify what is out of balance and it will lead you to what is causing the dam or the stuck feeling.  This can often be done by observing the messages from your body, even noticing which side (Left or Right) feels more dominant or where the rhythm of your body feels off–aches, pains, tension or breathing.  Often these can be identified in the regular practices you do that maybe feel off or just don’t happen like they have in the past.  


Then you have to notice the thoughts around these messages and choose to take captive the thoughts that aren’t serving you or that are keeping you stuck.  


Re-frame your situation and ask “What positive thing is trying to come from this?” or “What else could this mean?” or “What mindset would serve me better?”


Then comes the hard part of actually doing the work to align with how you want to feel. To align with the harmony you want to create or have in your life.  


And that takes courage, motivation and change.  For this sort of thing, I invite God to the party because, well, I believe the energetic power of the Great Spirit is the positive source of all creation.


And it is the desire or goal of this energy working through and in us to be living in harmony as we were in the beginning when creation came about.  


So how does this relate to me having to clean up pee and sitting in pee in the middle of the night?  Well, it’s the little things like that that we can get hung up on if we’re not mindful and don’t take the right actions to keep us moving forward.  They instead have the potential to keep us stuck, brooding over the past or living with a sour attitude.


Was it gross and annoying to have to clean my leg off in the middle of the night?  Yep. But why let that ruin the flow or harmony I am seeking in life by dwelling on it?


Harmony is about not forcing, instead finding the rhythm of life and steering through, around or over the rocks that show up.  It’s remembering the past, but not holding too tight to it while also looking forward at our potential and moving in the direction you want to go.  


It’s surrender and action, forgiveness and ownership, empowerment and restraint.  And the understanding that we can indeed find balance in all of them, seeking harmony even when the chaos of life tries to slow us down.


So here’s my invitation for you this week…


Notice where things feel a bit out of harmony with your life this week…whether it’s in your physical body, your thoughts or your emotions, just notice them.  Then dive deeper into what’s underneath that imbalance.  And an excellent tool to use to help you with this is the Daily Rhythms Tracker–I’ve dropped the link in the description and show notes for this episode.


Until next time, I’m Cathy Struecker, helping you find and use the rhythms in and around you to cultivate greater health, harmony and happiness.  Cheers!

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