#89: Bridging the Gap: Christianity and Manifestation

Nov 2, 2023 | Podcast, Spirituality

Christian prayer and manifestation co-exist beautifully because both are about allowing the positive flow of energy to create abundance for you and others that benefits everyone you come into contact with.

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In an effort to clarify how I view the connection between Christianity and manifestation, from my current state of consciousness, and that I didn’t share in the last episode, I riff about what it means to be Christian and believe in the power of manifestation.

I believe these concepts can coexist and wasn’t completely clear on that in the previous episode.  Both practices revolve around allowing positive energy to flow, fostering abundance for oneself and others.


My intention in sharing this episode is to help bridge the gap between a more conservative Christian viewpoint and the more mystical “woo-woo” beliefs.


Manifestation does not have to been seen as creating something from nothing, but rather shaping circumstances through free will to foster greater well-being. I believe that everything good and positive comes from God,  and ultimately we have to surrender to His plan for our lives, but we can indeed create the circumstances and own our thoughts and actions to live in a way that moves us towards what we want to be inviting into our lives.


Thoughts create the environment and opportunities in your life, affecting the way you perceive the world. Energy and intention can be harnessed positively to connect with others and manifest a mindset conducive to well-being.

It’s our role as humans put our trust in God, celebrate His goodness, and align our thoughts and actions with His ways.

Manifestation is not about self-reliance but about relying on God’s guidance and tapping into the energy and power He provides.



Could I be wrong in the way I think about manifestation?  Absolutely.  But at my current state of consciousness, this is what I believe.  And hopefully this episode will give insight and encouragement for those who have wondered these things before in their lives as well.  Allow this to be an invitation to fine that middle ground while still relying on God’s power and guidance in shaping your life for greater health, harmony, and happiness.


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