#91: The Gift of the Present: How to Honor Your Light This Season

Dec 7, 2023 | Podcast

Instead of burning out this holiday season, keep your light shining even amidst the chaos that might seem to surround you.

It’s the season of rush, rush, rush. And because it is, easy to get overwhelmed with worries of getting all the things done–gifts for everyone on your list, coordinating schedules to celebrate Christmas, attending gatherings, and of course, doing the things you want to do just for fun in the spirit of the season. In this episode, I’ll tell you

  1. How you can offer up the gift of the present this season
  2. What it means to connect with your own light
  3. How to protect your light from being burnt out by the New Year


Today I want to talk about slowing down in this season of rushing. The season when we are reflecting on the past year, preparing and looking ahead. The season when we often place more of an emphasis on outward expressions than inward witnessing.

When we witness or observe, we are present. Not thinking of the past, nor worrying about the unknown. Being present is a mindfulness practice that we learn through things like yoga, breathwork, meditation, prayer. And it has to do with reflecting inward and rediscovering or reconnecting with the light within.


We all have a light that was given to us by the one True Light.

And our light is a reflection of that True Light of the season…the reason we celebrate Christmas–God’s love for us, through Jesus Christ.

The light of the world that came to bring us out of darkness also shines in each one of us, and we have the ability to share it with the world, which is a pretty cool thing, in my opinion.

I like to think of your light as kinda like the spirit you bring to this world. When you share it with others it feels easy and light and looks like love.


For some that light might be shining brightly both inside and out. And for others, it may be dim. A dim light may be obvious on the outside, or it may be hidden away, covered by a bright facade.

If your light is shining brightly inside and out, how can you extend your light to help someone else’s grow brighter, even just for a moment? When we do this, an amazing thing happens…


When we intentionally give our light away, we don’t have to fear running out of it because quite the opposite happens. Our own light continues to grow, maybe even brighter than before and we’ve helped someone else’s light shine.


When we use the gift we are given to help others, it is given back to us even more.

But it can be easy to get swept away in all the to-do’s and let the fullness and busyness of the season dampen our light, especially after everything is said and done, all the guests have gone home, all the parties are over, the presents have been given, and you’re left a moment of quiet to recover. This is when, if you’re not mindful during the rush of the season, your light can burn out.


So how do you ensure you enter the new year, a new cycle of life, feeling that light still burn instead of feeling burnt out?

If you’ve been around here…you have to know this one’s coming…

  1.  Listen to your inner guidance during the midst of the busyness and chaos and make a plan ahead of time to nurture that guidance and recharge your batteries. Now I know what you might be thinking…that sounds a bit counterintuitive. Listen to what you’re body is calling for BEFORE it’s actually calling for it???

Yes, you have plenty of data in your mind bank of how this season has gone for you in the past and enough vision to imagine how you want it to go. So this is your permission to bring these two elements together and actually take action on making that vision a reality if it hasn’t been or continue to enrich it if you have already made progress towards it.

You know what recharges and restores you, so you can plan for that instead of waiting until everything’s over. During stressful times, you NEED to reconnect with your light OFTEN in order to honor yourself and others.


Two things to help you do this.
  •  If you’re local, I’m offering a Winter Solstice Candlelight Yoga Celebration of Rhythms class on Thursday, December 21 at one of our local greenhouses so we can be in a heated outdoor space practicing yoga on the shortest daylight day in year.
  • And whether you’re local or not, you can take part in a virtual intentional Winter Recharge that week between Christmas and New Year’s. This is a special week dedicated to self-care and relaxation for moms. Indulge in sessions designed to rejuvenate and empower. You can claim your free spot and celebrate being a mom and making it through another year. Winter Recharge is filled with pre-recorded video’s and free goodies from a variety presenters, myself included to help you plan nurturing into a time of year that wraps up a typically pretty stressful season. All videos and goodies will be available December 26th – December 29, for free or there is an option to purchase a VIP pass deeply discounted when you first register so you have access to all the videos for life. If you’d like to register or just see what presentations will be part of the week-long virtual event, I’ve put a link in the show notes for you.


2.  Another way to keep your light burning, even if you are an introvert, is to surround yourself with community that doesn’t burn you out, but instead lights you up. These are the people you can be your own authentic self with and who reciprocate the light you have to give. It might just be close family or one other friend, or it might be attending a class (kinda like candlelight yoga) with like-minded people or people you want to think like just so you can experience their energy. Science tells us that we thrive in community rather than isolation, even if that community is just on or two other people. So, find those people in your life and fill each other up.

3.  And when you do these things, whether it’s making a plan or surrounding yourself with community, allow the time you take to actually recharge or rekindle your light to create a calm presence amidst the chaos so that you can be fully present for whatever may lie in front of you. And by doing so, the gift of your presence or present-moment awareness reflects the true light within you. It communicates the importance of your light not only to your inner self, who, by the way, needs to know that you see it and want to connect with it, but also shares the light of the world with others by reflecting love when you slow down and give your presence.


To bring calm to the chaos of the season, the key is to honor the light–the light of this world which is reflected into you from the one True Light..Jesus Christ.


Your light is a gift and needs to be seen by the world, but can burn out if you don’t take care of it. And that’s really easy to do especially in this busy season.

Set expectations aside, give the gift of the present this year, first to yourself so that you know with your WHOLE self that it’s OK to slow down and be present for others too. Your nervous system will much better be able to handle the busyness if you first communicate to it that it’s OK to be present for yourself, to listen to your inner guidance and when something feels heave, to perhaps let it go instead of forcing it.


The 3 things I suggest to keep you from burning out before the new year are:

  1. Listen to your inner guidance and make a plan to nurture and recharge it.
  2. Surround yourself with community that lets you be your authentic self.
  3. Allow your intentional efforts to bring you to presence–a place where you’re not worried about the past or what you could have done differently or overthinking the future or what’s to come.

The presence you create with yourself will allow your light to shine even brighter, giving peace and joy to those around you. Creating a sense of calm amidst the rhythm of chaos. Truly honoring the Peace that this season is supposed to be all about.

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