#93 – A Century of Wisdom: Revealing the Secrets to Living a Long Life

Feb 22, 2024 | Podcast

Everyone wants the secret to a long life, and although there may not be just one, we do uncover some of those key elements in today’s episode.

Join me as I sit down with my 104 year old friend, Christa Belknap, to glean some beautiful wisdom from her.

This is the first in a 2-part interview with Christa Belknap, a beautiful soul who has lived her 104 years leading with love. In our conversation Christa uncovers some of the key elements of a long and fulfilling life. She shares her wisdom and life experiences, attributing her longevity to love, faith, exercise, and letting go of things no longer serving her.

From physical to spiritual self-care, Christa shares wisdom on living a long and beautiful life. One of the earliest “fitness” models (as we might know them to be called), Christa even modeled for the newspaper in a column called “Do Not Grow Old” back in the late 30’s/early 40’s. She has certainly let that element ring true as the years have passed.

Christa shares various aspects of what her life has been like, including about her family, beliefs, and the importance of staying adaptable and leading with love. The conversation highlights the significance of slowing down and being present in life and how love and connection can bring people together.


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