#94: A Century of Wisdom: Revealing the Secrets to Living a Long Life, Part 2

Mar 8, 2024 | Podcast

Everyone wants the secret to a long life, and although there may not be just one, we do uncover some of those key elements in today’s episode.

Join me as I sit down with my 104 year old friend, Christa Belknap, to glean some beautiful wisdom from her.

Today in honor of International Women’s Day, I want to continue to honor one of the women I admire most in this world. A woman who has lived a full life with a relaxed ease. Leading with love and connection rather than fear and avoidance, she is a beautiful picture of what Health Harmony and Happiness is.

In part 2 of my conversation with my 104-year-old friend, Christa Belknap, we dive deeper into her wisdom and perceptive insights on life. We talk about life amid historical events, her unanticipated adaptability to technology and the profound impact of education. Christa shares her adventurous side, reminiscing of her time in a motorcycle club and traveling with her husband to wistfully recounting the emotions attached to historical events like sending family off to war.

Her contagious spirit of resilience and adaptability combined with her love for others and curiosity in life instills a significant message.


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