#95: How to Work With the Energy of Spring Without Burning Out

Mar 21, 2024 | Podcast

Want to know how to use the energy that comes with spring to your advantage so that that feeling of exhaustion you get from going 100mph, 100% of the time starts to lift?

In this episode, I’ll share with you

  1. What the rhythm of spring represents
  2. How the energy of spring might show up in your life.
  3. Three ways to invite the rhythm of spring into your life.
  4. The one thing you need to remember to do to use the energy to your benefit

The shift into spring offers up another opportunity for us to celebrate our rhythms and remember to use them to our advantage. Each seasonal shift we experience, just like the lunar shifts and personal cyclical shifts, allows us to not only practice transitioning form one thing to another, but also removes some of the pressure we might place on ourselves because of self-imposed or others’ expectations if we place intention around those transitions.

When you are someone who goes 100 mph, 100% of the time, its easy to overlook intentionality and simply go through the motions to move through life. But this often leaves life feeling heavy and unenjoyable and leaves you feeling scattered, stressed and alone.

Yet when we place intention around the rhythms in our lives and being to live with them instead of ignoring them, life begins to feel lighter. The pressure to perform all. the. time. is released and you can start to do things for YOU so that you can indeed live with greater health, harmony and happiness.

In this episode, I share with you the significance of the spring season and share ways to embrace its energy. I talk about the representation of spring, how its energy may manifest in your life, and strategies to align your actions with the rhythm of spring. I also share with you the most important thing for you to do this season to harness the energy of spring for your personal benefit.


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