96: Health Harmony and Happiness Through Emotional Clarity

Apr 4, 2024 | Emotional Health, Podcast

If as an adult, you aren’t able to identify your emotions or what you’re feeling in any given moment, it’s likely going to be more difficult to thrive in the full essence of what health, harmony, and happiness could look like for you.

In this episode, my guest, James Reagan of How We Feel and I talk about:

  1. Emotional intelligence and what it means to your health, harmony and happiness
  2. And how using a simple app can help you
      • Identify, understand, and articulate your emotions rather than ignore them
      • Implement strategies to become your best self even in tough moments
      • Begin to recognize patterns in how you’re feeling
      • Deepen social connection with those closest to you while doing so.

In this episode of Health Harmony and Happiness with Cathy, my guest, James Regan of How We Feel, and I delve into the profound impact of emotional intelligence and clarity on our overall well-being. Drawing from personal stories and expert insights, James and I explore how understanding and communicating our emotions better can unlock a fuller, more harmonious life.

As the representative for How We Feel, an emotional well-being journal app, James seeks to bridge the gap in technology and emotional well-being. The How We Feel Project is a nonprofit organization with an award-winning mobile app with the goal of helping everyone understand their own emotions. How We Feel is an science-backed emotional well-being product built in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Recognizing emotions in any given moment can be a challenge, especially if it wasn’t something that was normalized in your home growing up. And even if emotions can be identified, one of the biggest struggles I observe when clients can identify what they’re feeling is for them to know what to do with the emotion or how to regulate when experiencing an unpleasant emotion.

James and I talk about why embracing our whole spectrum of emotions, even the unpleasant ones, is crucial for authentic living. And when this becomes a practice, it deepens connection through inviting discussion whether it’s with a partner or your kids, recognizing emotions, allowing them and investigating them so that they can be nurtured creates vulnerability and connection. “Understanding a little bit more about ourselves helps us connect more effectively with others,” James says.

Our conversation also touches on the origins of How We Feel, which pivoted from COVID-19 symptom tracking to focusing on emotional well-being during the pandemic’s isolating times. James and I discuss the app’s unique approach, underlining its role as part of a holistic health strategy.

I also highlight the beautiful feature of the app that allows users to share emotions with friends or loved ones, which fosters deeper connections and promotes community-building. I believe the most significant aspect is the opportunity it provides for continuous communication throughout the day, facilitating conversations that promote understanding and support when growing emotional intelligence.

How We Feel is a non-profit app and is free to download and use on either Apple or Android devices.

“Using a tool like this will deepen your self-understanding journey and enhance your health, harmony, and happiness.” The episode is a gentle nudge towards embracing our emotional selves and the transformative power of doing so.

Cheers to cultivating a global impact through health, harmony, and happiness.


How We Feel App (Android)

How We Feel App (iPhone)

Become a How We Feel brand ambassador – get a free tote and emotions poster – simply email support@howwefeel.org.

Learn more about or donate to How We Feel here.

Resources and products mentioned in the episode:

 Dr. Becky Kennedy – Follow her on Instagram for more information on Deeply Feeling Kids and talking emotions with kids


Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Radiant Wellness Solutions Hike Like a Yogi Mindful Hiking Card Deck

Verilux® HappyLight® Luxe – Light Therapy Lamp


Other Resources:

Daily Rhythms Journal

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