Think back…


Remember what it was like when you first got your period?

Yep, I’m going to go there.

Think back to whatever age you were and the scenario as it played out in likely your middle school or junior high awkwardness.

Consider how you felt in that instance–excited, nervous, pissed off, embarrassed, joyful, scared…

It’s very possible that you felt some inkling of all of these emotions.  Yet in that instant, you were changed completely.  And the way you viewed your body changed completely as well.

Remember how your mom or the primary caretaker in your life responded.  Was it celebrated or was it brushed aside and not really talked about? Or were you too ashamed or scared to even tell anyone?

As you’re reading this and recalling these memories, do something for me, pause and really remember what it was like.  Watch it replay in your mind as though you are watching a movie.  Then allow the feelings and emotions that want to come to the surface right now to do so.  Name those feelings and allow them instead of trying to avoid, push them down or place any judgement on them.


Just say “yes” to them and honor them for a moment. 

Then come on back.


The way you responded to this life-changing natural process and the way others around you responded to this event, believe it or not, shaped your relationship with your own body and self.  And it probably set the tone for how you treat your body now, years later.  Likely even how you will respond when menopause symptoms begin to show up in your life.

Whether it was confidence, shame, disgust, anger or sadness that you were no longer a child, or even the message of avoidance, somewhere inside of you, your subconscious created a story about this timely reminder that you are indeed a beautifully created woman with the ability to create. But you probably didn’t think of it that way at that time.

Instead of trying to avoid your period or dread menopause or think of these as annoyances, look at them as a purposeful power in the way that they also remind you of your cyclical nature, which can be used to your benefit.  


Your hormones, therefore energy levels, fluctuate up and down, and in fact have the ability to renew completely on a regular cycle.  And that regular cycle just so happens to align with your monthly cycle! Yes, the one you might just hate with a vengeance when it comes around.  But it’s actually an amazing gift that you can use to your advantage.

When you begin to believe that your cycle isn’t something to loathe, but rather embrace, you give yourself permission to flow with what your body actually needs on a day-to-day basis, rather than expecting the same performance or productivity from yourself.  Every. Single. Day.  

You can indeed be productive when necessary AND take the time to rest when your body is asking you to…without the guilt of slowing down or, heaven forbid, doing nothing at all but “being.”

As you begin to think in this way, your cycle becomes a guide for how to live your life…how you set priorities and how you respond instead of react to triggers that come your way. 

And that my friends, is the other power behind your period.  When you use your natural tendencies to your benefit instead of as a challenge, life is just easier. Everything flows.

This isn’t something your mom probably taught you, but needs to be heard now.  It’s not too late to change your relationship with your period.  The changes your body goes through during puberty and even menopause are nothing to be ashamed of, ignored or not talked about. They are a beautiful reminder of the common bond we have as women. And one you can use to your benefit when you “Listen to your inner wisdom.”

This is the 2nd step in the F.L.O.W. process I teach women to discover and master your personal rhythms.  If you’re ready to transform the way you view your period or menopause the first step is to “Find your rhythm.” You can do that with my Basic Energetic Rhythms Tracker. To download your copy of this tracker, click here.

Your cyclical nature, biological and/or lunar, is a powerful force that you could be using to make life easier, even while being surrounded by chaos.

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