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“Adamantine Yoga has sparked a wonderful strength, both mental and physical, that I did not know before I began my practice. Before Adamantine, I was unaware of what my body could do, and I had little control over my fairly consistent state of panic, worry, and being very hard on myself. Now that I have been practicing Adamantine for a little while, I am learning how to be compassionate with myself, and I am stronger than I have ever been – body and mind.

Thank you, Cathy Struecker, for bringing Adamantine to Knoxville. Thank you for being such an outstanding teacher and human, too!” – Chelsea Bagby, 7-23-18

“Wow! What amazing energy at Cairn Yoga & Wellness Studio. I was a guest yoga instructor and the community is OMazing! I am grateful for all of the connections and for Cathy being a powerful Light in world. Namaste  – Hemalayaa Behl, 9-25-18

Adamantine has helped me both physically and mentally; I have regained strength and have reached levels of flexibility I never thought possible for myself. Cathy is an exceptional instructor and supporter. I highly recommend her classes!” – Erica Marvelli, 6-18-18

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